The world around us is changing so rapidly that one day you may wake up and witness scenes from Black Mirror. A discovery, a social movement, or a pre-planned video game release may change the way we communicate, design, create and even live. In all this uncertainty, the written and spoken word will always be accompanied by visuals.

In light of this, we put together a yearly report on trends in visual communication. If you work in a field even loosely related to it, you have to always be ready to quickly adjust to occurring events, wherever they are.

The 2020 visual trends report is here, so you can be one step ahead with how you communicate, share ideas, inspire, and inform your audience. The visual trends project will guide you through the ideas, topics, and aesthetics that will shape the future of visual communication in 2020.

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Every year we have a different approach to putting together the trends report. To outline the visual trends for 2018, we collaborated with our top photographers and industry leaders, looked at our library with over 70 million files (now over 140 million files). For the 2019 trends, we talked to international photographers, designers, and in-house content curators.

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This year, we’ve partnered up with the creative agencies from around the world to bring you the 2020 trends. Here are the agencies that shared their expertise and outlook on the future of visual communication:

  • PIXIT, an award-winning design agency based in Austria
  • Super an der Spree, a Berlin-based creative agency that makes campaigns for political, social, and cultural institutions and organizations
  • B-Reel, a creative agency for modern brands
  • Aimbulance, a marketing agency that develops and creates strategies, brands, and advertising
  • Perq Studio, a London-based integrated creative agency
  • BBDO Warsaw, an international advertising agency
  • MADCATS, an independent creative agency from Kiev
  • MediaMonks, a global creative production company
  • and many others

We also went above and beyond images. We spanned out the report to include the hype in different creative industries. 2020 trends include popular topics and styles in graphic design, advertising, and marketing.

We also collaborated with our in-house content curator, Tatiana Boksha, to bring you a stock photography trend for 2020 – The World of Tomorrow. Undoubtedly, Extended Reality (XR) will be one of the major topics in the upcoming year and will motivate microstock contributors to supply the visuals illustrating the latest technology and their applications.


The Bauhaus school that celebrated the hundredth anniversary in 2019, will challenge the status quo in 2020 and stretch beyond the aesthetic we’re all familiar with. We might also like to take a break from bold and futuristic hues and turn to color palettes that are soothing, gentle, and communicative. You can see these trends are already stepping on the toes of the 2019 ones to revolutionize not only our jobs but our daily lives as well.

Being super excited about the new 20s coming up, we are also about to introduce an extra perk for the trends report. In the next few weeks, be sure to check the trends website because we’ll include ideas, insights, and outlook for 2020 from 12+ international creative agencies. Subscribe to get updates and stay tuned with visual trends that are going to completely alter the coming year.

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