The Depositphotos team recently released its traditional interactive report on visual trends that will determine the course of design and visual communication this year. Along with the 9 main trends of 2021, you will find more trends backed up by insights from creative agencies around the world. The project also features links to small featured collections for each trend based on keywords.

In 2021, the visual trends report by Depositphotos was titled Living a New Reality. With it, we wanted to highlight the significant and even shocking transformations the world has undergone in 2020. Visual communication was no exception, which was what we explored as we put together our research.

The featured trends such as Symbols of Optimism, Wellness First, Virtual Empathy, and other trends prove to us that humanity does not lose its good spirits and can successfully adapt to new circumstances.

In this big blog collection, you’ll find photos and videos that initially inspired the Visual Trends 2021 project. All the images are selected by our content curators to help you discover the latest trendy content from our library, new themes, and new ideas that you can work with for your upcoming projects.

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Visual Trends 2021 Vibes

stock photo hands flower

stock photo sand storm sky

stock video happy couple dog field flowers

stock photo water man jump

stock photo abstract

stock photo child drawings

stock video city from above

stock photo 3d graphics hands

stock photo tea glass

stock photo hand tree

stock photo girls music

stock photo flower woman

stock photo building window tourists

stock photo green forest house jungles

stock photo lecture woman chairs

stock video green landscape

stock photo beautiful young man

stock photo building night

stock video space fantastic earth

stock photo girl tourist landscape

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These trending images and videos can be used to inspire your audience with refreshing new content. Moreover, they can encourage them to take better care of themselves, their home, and our planet. Some of those visuals make us smile and reflect, others remind us about our appreciation for nature, and some are all about getting us to think about how we can make the world around us a better place.

We recommend that you also take a closer look at Visual Trends Report 2021 by Depositphotos if you haven’t already. Learn about the insights behind each of the trends, read up on additional insights from leading creative agencies, and tap into the trends vibes collection for refreshing images in our library from 2021.

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