Some of the most extraordinary talent is hidden in the depths of the Internet. It can take years for artists to get discovered and everyone wants to get on the same boat. We searched near and far for the talent that deserves a spotlight. Here are 10 upcoming photographers and their inspiring projects.

1. Marilyn Mugot

Website, Facebook, Instagram

Marilyn Mugot is a French photographer and graphic designer. Her recent projects include nighttime photos of Hong Kong and other isolated streets of China. Her artistic night photography is inspired by some of the great cinematographers.


2. Xiao Yang


Xiao Yang has a very unique aesthetic that is evident in her works. She’s a global traveller and a photographer which makes the the perfect combination to higher creativity. Her photography is dramatic and unusual in colors and composition.


3. Romain Jacquet-Lagreze

Website, Facebook, Instagram

Romain has spent a significant amount of time in Hong Kong. He’s captured the marvelous transformations of the city’s architecture. The purpose of the project is to record and document the city in an artistic way as it inspires the artist. His two main series of photographs are called “Wild concrete” and “The Blue Moment”.


4. Darlene Ollerenshaw

Behance, Instagram

Darlene is an experienced CGI artist and animator. She is currently working with designers to create concepts for window store displays. She enjoys photography in her free time and here are some of the great works that have resulted from a hobby.


5. Daniella Zalcman

Website, Facebook, Instagram

Daniella is a documentary photographer that is based in New York and London. She has an impressive record of exposure on international media. Her work focuses on really fascinating topics such as the legacies of western colonization.  


6. Dan Tom


Dan Tom is a photographer based in San Francisco. His specialty is lifestyle photography and landscapes. One of the most striking features of his work is the simplicity and effortlessness of his works. The color palettes in the photographs are impeccable.


7. Jason Peterson


Jason Peterson is a master of black and white street photography. Taken mostly on an iPhone, his images are poetic on their own and work together to tell the story of the city.

upcoming photographers Jason Peterson

8. Laura Penley


Laura captures the beauty of everyday life. Her candid photography stood out amongst others for their authenticity and emotional resonance. Laura shares private moments with her family and shares them mostly on her Instagram account.


9. Oleg Oprisco


Oleg Oprisco is a Ukrainian photographer whose works you’ve probably seen. His recognizable and distinguished style made waves on the internet. Oleg brings together reality with a fairytale touch, creating surreal photographs that have become iconic.


10. Weronika Gesicka


Weronika is a Polish photographer that takes ordinary pictures and manipulates them into surreal works of art. Some find the images uncomfortable, but if you look closer, they’re actually works packed with meaning.


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