Designcollector Network, one of the first blogs of the 21st century to introduce talented designers from Russia to the worldwide public, invites you to celebrate its tenth anniversary!

Acknowledging the significance of Designcollector’s contribution to the development of innovative design ideas, Depositphotos encourages you to participate in our joint contest. The authors of the winning design projects will receive the great gadgets that will definitely help them create even cooler works, in addition to Depositphotos’ subscriptions; Designcollector, in its turn, will publish their works in its print magazine printed magazine DCMAG#3.The best 15 works will be exhibited at the OFFF 2013 Barcelona festival.

The idea of this contest is very simple: we invite artists to use several images from the Depositphotos’ library to create graphic works.

The topic of the contest is “The Digital Decade”. Remember when your first work of art was published, and got some popular recognition? Which piece was that? How did it make you feel? And what were your expectations for the next decade? Try to imagine yourself 10 years ago, but with your current level of experience: how would you depict the upcoming “Digital Decade”?

Apply – Get on the Short List – Receive a detailed contest brief along with free access to the Depositphotos library – Submit your work – Win the prizes from Depositphotos and find your work in DCMAG #3 and at the exhibition in Barcelona! You can learn more about the joint competion from Depositphotos and Designcollector at the special website Digital Decade.

The winners will receive Wacom drawing tablets and an iPad Mini provided by Depositphotos. Find more information about these and other prizes at at our partners’ website.

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