Depositphotos’ and Designcollector Network’s joint contest is over! Today we are happy to announce the best of the best: the top three winners of the competition and the winner of the Depositphotos’ Choice Award.

According to the premise of the contest, 30 shortlisted artists were invited to use images from Depositphotos’ library to produce works of graphic art on the topic “The Digital Decade.”. We received many entries, and the contest jury selected the top 15 artworks to be exhibited at the OFFF Festival 2013 in Barcelona. We are proud to introduce 15 works that got the majority of votes as well as the winners of our contest.


Dines (UK)

Filipp Ryabchikov (Russia)

Frukta Alexey (Russia)

Giga Kobidze (Georgia)

Markus J. Baier (Germany)

Nicolas Monin-Baroille (Germany)

Pokras Lampas (Russia)

Sergey Skip (Russia)

Sebastian Andaur (Chile)

Sorin Bechira (Romania)

Tomas Toleikis (UK)

Vladimir Tomin (Russia)

Wojciech Zalot (Poland)

Xavier Bourdil (France)

Zakharia Mesropov (Georgia)


Award Winners

And the Grand Prize goes to…


 Vladimir Tomin, Russia.

The Grand Prize winner gets a Wacom Cintiq 13HD along with a 1-month free subscription from Depositphotos. His artwork will be also placed on the cover of the DCMAG n°03.


2nd Prize


Xavier Bourdil, France

The 2nd Prize winner gets an Apple iPad Mini and his work placed on the back cover of the DCMAG n°03, along with a 1-month free subscription from Depositphotos.


3rd Prize


Dines, United Kingdom

The 3rd Prize winner gets  a Wacom Bamboo Capture and placement on the inside cover of DCMAG n°03, along with a 1-month free subscription from Depositphotos.


Depositphotos’ Choice


Zakharia Mesropov, Georgia

The special Depositphotos’ Choice winner, for the best usage of images from the Depositphotos’ library, gets a 3-month free subscription from Depositphotos.

DepositphotosBlog will publish a big article featuring each of the winning works as well as interviews with the winners. Stay tuned!


Works to be exhibited at the OFFF Festival in Barcelona

These works, along with the other twelve pieces, will be presented at the site of  the OFFF, let’s feed the future Festival in Barcelona, Spain, on June 6-8, 2013.  Take a closer look at all the works to be exhibited at The Digital Decade website. If you are a happy owner of a ticket to this event, please visit the Digital Decade exhibition to enjoy all these works!

We were really happy to meet so many talented artists! We hope that all of you will stay with Designcollector and Depositphotos, and we are looking forward to many interesting joint projects in the future.

We’d like to thank our friends from Designcollector Network for the best art contest collaboration we’ve ever had.  We are pleased to congratulate this unique team on the 10th anniversary of their project. Let’s celebrate The Digital Decade!

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