Don’t Fall in the Trap of Cliche Stock Photography

Do you ever look at a photograph and immediately know it’s a stock photo? It’s in the lighting, the smiles, the composition. As you surf the internet, these pictures just stand out. Certain stock photos have become so widely used and recognizable that they carry almost no meaning.

It’s Time to Un-Stock Your Photographs and Improve Your Portfolio

The Internet is becoming increasingly visual. Stock photography comes in handy when clients are looking for images to compliment their content. One of the troubles with stock images is that often times they don’t accurately depict real life situations. If you reflect on this point, think about all the typical hand shaking, smiling and posing images you come across. Although these images may appeal to some, the bottom line is that they are not relatable.

10 Tips for Better Macro Photography

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner photographer, you’ve probably experimented with macro photography. Close up images are another opportunity to look at everyday life differently, and capture ordinary objects in a new light. They say that you need special equipment if you want to try macro photography, however here are some tips and tricks that you can try with a regular DSLR camera.