If you are related to photoart, surely, it would be interesting for you to watch some of these movies.  We’ll start from old movies and then we’ll go back to nowadays masterpieces.

The first well-known movie about photography is “Rear window” directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In this movie the main character is a photographer who suddenly becomes a witness of a murder. Since 1954 this movie has got many awards and turned to a legendary masterpiece in cinematographic culture.

rear window

Pecker” was shot in 1998 in Baltimore. It is a story of an unassuming 18 year-old boy who works in a sandwich shop and has a hobby: he takes unprofessional out-of-focus pictures of his family. Once he becomes famous with the help of a savvy art-dealer from New York. In this movie the main hero was making photos with Canonet, that actually costs about $20 now.


Third photography movie is “Memento”, shot in 2000, directed by Christopher Jonathan James Nolan who is well-known for his psycological thrillers. The main character of the movie is using photos as an only way to keep his memories. There are two stories, shot in color and black and white, which intersect in the end.


Amelie” or “The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain” was shot in 2001 on Montmartre by Jeane-Pierre Jeunet. It is a story of a young shy waitress who had an isolated and lonely childhood. She is trying to fight her shyness and make other people’s lives better. One of her options is photography. This is a kind, romantic movie.


Next movie is pretty scary. It is “One hour photo” (2002) with Robin Williams whose character is an operator of a photo printing store. He is lonely and his only passion is the photography. He’s printing photos for the one family during many years, and finally he loses a feeling of reality. So he decides to intervene to their life. The movie is not recommended for children under 16. It also includes few frightful and fierce moments.

one hour photo

The Shutter” (2004) is Thai movie about photography and…ghost photography. In this motion picture young photographer Tan accidentally hits a young girl with his car and runs away. After some time he starts to notice strange shadows on his photos, then his friends begin to die in strange ways. The film is typically Asian and truly scary.

the shutter

So stock-up with pop corn and enjoy the movies!

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