Following the phenomenal success of Johanna Basford’s coloring books (21 million books sold worldwide), many adults realized that coloring sheets are no longer just for kids. This mindfulness tool can help you to unwind, meditate, and express creativity while coloring, as well as keep your children entertained and busy during summer break.

At Depositphotos, we’ve created free summer coloring pages using graphics from our library. They come in a variety of themes and levels to be of interest to stressed-out adults, bored teens, and hard-to-keep-busy kids.

Whether you want to organize a spa break for your mind or find a fun way to entertain yourself on vacation, download our free pack of summer coloring pages. In the article, you’ll also find a link to an archive of all printables, as well as summer coloring page designs, reasons to try them, and DIY ideas for finished sheets.

Download free coloring pages

*Coloring pages can be used for personal, non-commercial purposes only. You are not allowed to: reproduce, distribute, transmit, sell, or license the downloads.

Get Creative This Summer With 30 Free Coloring Pages


Who can use summer coloring pages?

While some people continue to believe that coloring sheets are only for children, many discovered that there are a lot of adult-friendly coloring books. So who exactly can use our summer coloring pages?

  • Adults
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • Teens

Why should you try summer coloring pages?

If you’re still not sure about trying coloring sheets, discover some of the benefits of this enjoyable activity.

  • Coloring sheets are easy to print and can be completed using markers, crayons, pencils, watercolors, or even a pen.
  • Coloring repetitive patterns serves as a meditative activity and helps practice mindfulness.
  • Coloring helps maintain focus, while also relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Coloring allows you to express yourself and release your inner creator.
  • Choosing colors for printables helps both children and adults understand color theory and, as a result, find out whether selected hue combinations work well together.
  • Finished coloring pages can be a source of inspiration or reused for artistic purposes.

15 Free to print coloring pages for adults

No need to search for adult-friendly printables anymore! Created with grown-ups in mind, these 15 summer-themed coloring pages will distract you from everyday worries and allow you to express your creativity.

Easy summer coloring pages

1. Tropical motifs

 Add some vibrant colors to liven up this summer design.

Summer Coloring Pages free to download

2. Wildflowers 

Find a little calm in the chaos as you paint these summer wildflowers.

free Summer Coloring Pages

3. Ballon 

Boost your mood by going on a mini-adventure.

adult Summer Coloring Pages

4. Feathers

Get creative while picking colors for the feather printable.

free ptintable Summer Coloring Pages

5. Celestial motifs

Make a wall-worthy piece of art out of the celestial motifs coloring sheet.

Summer Coloring Pages free and printable

Adult summer coloring pages

6. Mandala

As an alternative to yoga or meditation, coloring this mandala drawing will calm your mind and relax your body.

complex free Summer Coloring Pages for adults

7. Repetitive pattern

Set up a color therapy session with this intricate, repeating pattern.

repetitive pattern Summer Coloring Pages

8. Butterfly 

Don’t get lost in the swirls of the gorgeous butterfly coloring sheet.

Summer Coloring Pages free to download

9. Tribal pattern

Express creativity when coloring this elaborate tribal design.

elaborate tribal design Summer Coloring Pages

10. Owl

Paint a detailed owl printable on carefree summer days.

detailed owl printable Summer Coloring Pages

11. Summer wreath 

Color all of the flowers, leaves, and fruits in our wreath. This will be another meditative activity for you.

flower wreath Summer Coloring Pages

12. Kaleidoscope

Looking for a more advanced design? This kaleidoscopic printable will please coloring page enthusiasts.

Kaleidoscope Summer Coloring Pages

13. Leaves 

Hone your hand-eye coordination when filling in all the small spaces of this complicated leaf design.

leaves free Summer Coloring Pages

14. Typography

Looking for some printable sheets to take with you on a summer trip? Well, this one is for you!

Typography free Summer Coloring Pages to download

15. Sea waves

Don’t know what to do during your break time? Color this seamless sea wave pattern.

seamless sea wave pattern

15 Free to print coloring pages for kids

Entice your children with 15 adorable coloring sheets to have some rest during hot summer days.

Summer coloring pages for toddlers

16. Kawaii prints 

Engage any child with a cute and cartoon-like kawaii print.

Summer coloring pages for toddlers

17. Ice cream

Let your kids cool down on a hot summer day by filling an ice cream sheet with lively colors.

Summer coloring pages for toddlers

18. Toys

Drawing inspiration from real toys, your youngster will find it easy to color this printable.

Summer coloring pages for toddlers 2

19. Best friend 

Introduce your kids to their new best friend!

Summer coloring pages for toddlers 3

20. Bees

Summer isn’t just about the sea and the beach. It is also about all the little creatures that live next to us.

Summer coloring pages for toddlers 4

Summer coloring pages for preschoolers

21. Shells

 If your summer trip isn’t happening soon, color shells to remind yourself of the beach, ocean, and island life.

Summer coloring pages for preschoolers

22. In the zoo

Evoke joyful emotions with a cute animal coloring illustration.

Summer coloring pages for preschoolers 1

23. Summer veggies

 Eating fresh peas is a summertime activity loved by people of all ages.

Summer coloring pages for preschoolers 4

24. Pets

Do your kids adore pets? Then they will appreciate this lovely illustration.

Summer coloring pages for preschoolers 3

Summer coloring pages for teens

25. Urban landscape

 Spending a vacation in the city is more fun with a print of the cityscape.

Summer coloring pages for teens

26. Fruits

Do you prefer fresh fruits, fruit-flavored drinks, or fruit-flavored ice cream?

Summer coloring pages for teens 2

27. Marine world

Send a kid on an underwater adventure!

Summer coloring pages for teens 4

28. Optical illusion  

Say goodbye to boring pastimes with this creative and eye-catching coloring page.

Summer coloring pages for teens 5

29. Summer vibes

Bring your bright red, green, and yellow pencils to spread positive vibes this summer.

Summer coloring pages for teens 6

30. Fine art

 Create a fine art painting with ease during a summer break.

Summer coloring pages for teens 7


What to do with finished coloring pages

While some people prefer to display their artwork and place it on a wall, fridge, or desk, others don’t want it to gather dust and take up space in their apartment. To help you avoid wasting resources, we’ve prepared some tips on how to repurpose and upcycle your finished coloring sheets.

  • Make wrapping paper. Finished coloring pages can be used to wrap small gifts. 
  • Create gift tags. If you prefer monochrome craft paper for presents, add splashes of color by using redesigned tags from completed artworks.
  • Turn the finished page into a greeting card. Decorate one side of card stock with a colored page and the other with blank paper.
  • Make an envelope. Create a simple envelope for greeting cards using an existing envelope as a template.
  • Create envelope liners. Make an ordinary envelope stand out with a personal touch. 
  • Make bookmarks. Cut the coloring pages into bookmarks and laminate or strengthen them with card stock.
  • Create a garland. Cut out desired shapes from finished coloring pages and sandwich them together with a rope in between.
  • Assemble collages. Cut out various shapes from the completed sheets and assemble them into new forms and pictures.


Celebrate your summer creatively

Because we’re all so absorbed by the digital realm, we often forget how satisfying it is to hold a pen in our hands. Making your own art this summer will provide you with lots of inspiration, boost your creativity, and assist in practicing mindfulness. Download our free coloring pages to brighten your summer!

Download free coloring pages


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