Do you feel like it’s finally time to get creative with your Zoom background? Want to get a bit artsy? Whatever you have in mind, we’ve put together a diverse collection of all kinds of free Zoom backgrounds for meetings, work calls, and casual chats with friends.

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It’s the beginning of 2020. We didn’t see this coming, but the restrictions we face due to coronavirus is resulting in more office closures, halted travels, and forced most of us to work from home for an indefinite amount of time.

Many choose Zoom for their remote work purposes, online meetings, and even classes. Because not all of us have the neatest and perfect backgrounds around the home, we’re forced to find some remote corners with empty backgrounds to hide our personal spaces or the mess that it’s become. Recognize yourself?

In truth, Zoom backgrounds have become of great help because (let’s face it) we don’t want to clean. For all other reasons of discomfort – it’s a great thing that Zoom has the virtual backgrounds option. If you’re already forcing yourself to find plain backgrounds for your Zoom calls, it’s time to get creative and select something fun or artsy to fill that space.


How to set up a virtual background on Zoom

Keep in mind that virtual backgrounds in Zoom are available for all types of meetings, webinars, and Zoom rooms. The backgrounds are supported on Windows, Mac, and all iOS devices.

1. Log in to your Zoom web portal

2. Navigate to settings

3. Scroll to ‘In Meeting (advanced)’

4. Set the slider to the right to activate this option

5. Log in to your Zoom desktop version

6. Click on video settings and make sure the lighting is just right

7. Choose your virtual Zoom background


Free Zoom backgrounds from Depositphotos

The Depositphotos library is full of excellent choices of Zoom backgrounds, especially if you’re tired of all the humor and forced creativity circulating the web. Perhaps you just want that perfect artistic shot, or some texture, or anything that is simple and minimalistic.

*By clicking on the images, you will be redirected to the Depositphotos website where you can download them

Nature Zoom backgrounds

nature zoom background

tropical sunset zoom background

mountains zoom background

Minimalistic Zoom backgrounds

house zoom background

wood zoom background

Lower Antelope canyon near Page, Arizona USA.

Textured Zoom backgrounds

zoom background texture

Texture of crumpled paper abstract background

old concrete plastered wall is spoiled by abstract strokes and stains of paint. Concrete, weathered, worn out wall, damaged paint. artistic texture of wall. Painted bad scratched surface in crack

Wildcard Zoom backgrounds

palm leaves zoom background

artistic zoom background

flower zoom background

Find Zoom Backgrounds

Check out more Zoom backgrounds in this stock photo collection of minimalistic, soothing, and natural landscapes to cover up messy or boring interiors and to simply have fun with Zoom. 

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