Do you feel like it’s finally time to get creative with your Zoom background? Want to get a bit artsy? Whatever you have in mind, we’ve put together a diverse collection of all kinds of free Zoom backgrounds for meetings, work calls, and casual chats with friends.

Find Zoom Backgrounds

In truth, free virtual backgrounds for Zoom have become of great help, because not all of us have the neatest or most perfect background around home. Let’s face it, we don’t want to clean before every single meeting on our schedule. This is why it’s a great thing that Zoom has a virtual background option. If you’re already forcing yourself to find and download plain backgrounds for your video calls, it’s time to get creative and select something fun or artsy to fill that space.


Free Zoom backgrounds from Depositphotos

The Depositphotos library is full of excellent choices of Zoom backgrounds, especially if you’re tired of all the humor and forced creativity circulating the web. Perhaps you just want that perfect artistic shot, or some texture, or anything that is simple and minimalistic.

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Nature Zoom backgrounds

1. Green leaves Zoom background

Start your week with a soothing, natural Zoom background. Muted green tones will help you unwind and focus on tasks.

nature zoom background

2. Tropical sunset Zoom background

Hold online meetings with a tropical Zoom background to hint at the fact that you are not in the mood for serious work. Maybe you’re already planning your next vacation.

tropical sunset zoom background

3. Beautiful landscape Zoom background

You don’t have to travel to another part of the world to get a beautiful backdrop. Simply download our free Zoom background of a stunning landscape with mountains and clouds shot at dusk.

mountains zoom background

Minimalistic Zoom backgrounds

4. Modern house Zoom background

Straight lines and light white and blue colors work together to create a minimalist Zoom background that is ideal for long discussions.

house zoom background

5. Wooden texture Zoom background

If you are up for a simple Zoom background, this picture is for you. Modest black and white tones combined with uncomplicated textures will not distract you and your colleagues from important decisions.

wood zoom background

6. Curved caves Zoom background

With our versatile compilation, you can quickly get cool Zoom background images to create a more presentable background. Try this picture with canyon caves if you just woke up and don’t have time on your hands to choose.

Lower Antelope canyon near Page, Arizona USA.

Textured Zoom backgrounds

7. Elegant silk Zoom background

Go for silky textures in trendy colors to show your colleagues your artsy side.

zoom background texture

8. Crumpled paper Zoom background

The easiest way to create a neutral atmosphere during an online meeting is to use abstract virtual backgrounds. For example, a photo with crumpled paper.

Texture of crumpled paper abstract background

9. Old concrete Zoom background

A modest yet vibrant wall Zoom background will help hide the details of your surroundings.

old concrete plastered wall is spoiled by abstract strokes and stains of paint. Concrete, weathered, worn out wall, damaged paint. artistic texture of wall. Painted bad scratched surface in crack

Wildcard Zoom backgrounds

10. Palm leaves Zoom background

Green palm leaves are perfect for spring and summer meetings full of new and creative ideas.

palm leaves zoom background

11. Still life Zoom background

Free Zoom backgrounds featuring still life photography are essential for boring meetings where you need to entertain yourself by looking at something interesting.

artistic zoom background

12. Flower Zoom background

Looking for something simple yet elegant? Choose an interesting picture in deep blue tones with a little anemone flower immersed in water.

flower zoom background

Office Zoom backgrounds

13. Modern office Zoom background

An image of a light modern office with a bicycle and shelves in the background will help create a familiar environment for everyone.

free modern office zoom background

14. Working room Zoom background

Show your work cabinet and hide items in the room with our free Zoom office backgrounds.

free working room zoom background

15. Minimalist office interior Zoom background

Looking for a blank Zoom background? This minimalist office interior is a perfect choice.

free zoom background with minimalist office interior

Home Zoom backgrounds

16. Living room Zoom background

Have an online meeting while you’re stuck in traffic or at a cafe? To create a homey atmosphere, replace your real backdrop with a picture of a stylish living room.

free living room background for zoom

17. Library Zoom background

Choose a library Zoom background if you want to appear even more intellectual than you already are.

free library zoom background

18. Modern kitchen Zoom background

For meetings at home, there’s no need to show your real interior. Simply select a beautiful room background for Zoom.

free modern kitchen zoom background

Outdoor Zoom backgrounds

19. Basketball court Zoom background

Basketball lovers can gather in front of their favorite playground.

free basketball court zoom background

20. Mountain hills Zoom background

Go live from scenic mountains. Let your coworkers question whether it’s real.

free Zoom background with Norway mountains

21. Hotel patio Zoom background

If you want to look like a travel blogger, download Zoom background pictures of a hotel terrace.

free hotel patio zoom background


How to set up a virtual background on Zoom

Keep in mind that virtual backgrounds on Zoom are available for all types of meetings, webinars, and Zoom rooms. The backgrounds are supported on Windows, Mac, and all iOS devices.

1. Log in to your Zoom web portal

2. Navigate to settings

3. Scroll to ‘In Meeting (advanced)’

4. Set the slider to the right to activate this option

5. Log in to your Zoom desktop version

6. Click on video settings

7. Go to ‘Backgrounds & Filters’

8. Click the ‘+’ icon in the upper right corner

9. Select an image from your PC

10. Click the ‘Open’ button and enjoy your own virtual Zoom background

Find Zoom Backgrounds

Check out more Zoom backgrounds in this stock photo collection of minimalistic and nature-inspired options to cover up messy or boring interiors, and to simply have fun with Zoom.

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