Nurturing the creative industry is a core element of what we do at Depositphotos. This is why, today, we’re excited to present the second issue of Ukrainian photography magazine SALIUT, in partnership with Osnovy Publishing. It’s a visual exploration of the Ukrainian 90s, its aesthetics, and people.

At Depositphotos, we always look for ways to support creatives and contribute to the development of visual culture. And this is what brought us together with SALIUT, an independent magazine dedicated to Ukrainian photography. The main goal of the magazine is to become a platform for new and renowned photographers alike, while also covering trends and current issues.

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Ukraine in the 90s

A visual journey into the Ukrainian 90s

The second installment of the magazine consists of two parts. The first one includes projects by Roman Pyatkovka, Yuri Kosin, and Valeriy Miloserdov, who explore the political realities of Ukraine in the 90s. Meanwhile, Rita Ostrovska, Sergey Bratkov, Mykola Trokh, and Arsen Savadov depict Ukrainian society and its issues.

There are also interviews with Alexander Chekmenev and Oleksandr Lyapin. “Passport”, the iconic series by Chekmenev, appears in the magazine. And Lyapin shares his thoughts on contemporary photography, kitsch, and cultural tastes in Ukraine, and how they’re shifting.

The second part focuses on the impact that the 90s have had on the aesthetics and reality of modern-day Ukraine. Yevgen Nikiforov, Julie Poly, Valentine Bo, and Viacheslav Polyakov share their photographs and thoughts focused on this legendary period in Ukrainian history.

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Roman Mikhaylov has created a special project in partnership with Depositphotos. Our mission is to provide quality tools and creative content to create the best projects. The intention here was to demonstrate the capabilities of our library with over 230 million stock photos, videos, vectors, templates, and audio tracks. It can not only be a powerful tool in design, but in art as well.

Mikhaylov used materials from our visual archive and created a number of collages to depict the spirit of 90s Ukraine. As it turns out, a lot of Ukrainians still appear to live in an era that ended over two decades ago. Thus, the issues of the past remain relevant in the present.

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90s collage

At Depositphotos, we aim to help creatives and contribute to the development of visual culture. Our collaboration with Osnovy Publishing and SALIUT was the perfect opportunity to do just that. We’re proud to support new publications that promote Ukrainian photography and talented Ukrainian artists worldwide.

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