We are pleased to introduce you to Ron Chapple – one of the world’s most famous microstock photographers. And in addition to microstock, Ron has other exciting businesses and pastimes, that we’ll also tell you about here.

Man and woman with computer. © Depositphotos

Man and woman with computer. © Depositphotos | iofoto

Ron Chapple has been successfully working on the microstock market since 1992. In one of his interviews, Ron admitted that the microstock business served him faithfully as a source of income for many years, but he no longer believes microstocks can be a sustainable business for the photographer over the long term. Flying is a real passion for Ron. Not everybody know that he started filming and shooting aerial footage over 25 years ago. Ron’s strategy was close to this: if microstocks are a way to earn money by many small-scale projects, perhaps it’s worth it to try the opposite approach? After some market research he realized that the aerial and underwater photography are two activities that suit him perfectly, because they are relevant, and its niche in the marketplace is largely unfilled. With a friend in the helicopter business, Ron has decided to invest in a Cineflex HD aerial video system. His investments have paid off, and now Ron Chapple is an owner Aerial Filmworks, the studio that collaborates with Disney, Discovery Channel, BBC, PBS/Nature, History Channel, Warner Bros., Red Bull, Burton Snowboards, CBS/Survivor, NBC, ESPN and other world-renowned companies.

However, working with such great clients and projects, like Raging Planet II for the Discovery Channel and Million Dollar Otters for The BBC, didn’t mean Ron forgot about microstock photography. Since the beginning of 2011, Ron has uploaded over 17,000 photos to Depositphotos, and the average number of images refreshed monthly amounts to more than 8,000 images. We are pleased to collaborate with this author; his work fires our imagination. Ron Chapple’s portfolio is very diverse, and it’s possible to find anything in there: including portraits, family and romantic pictures, stylish business images, and nature photography from all over the world.

San Diego, CA coast. © Depositphotos

San Diego, CA coast. © Depositphotos | iofoto

Woman looking crazy. © Depositphotos

Woman looking crazy. © Depositphotos | iofoto

Bicycle at beach. © Depositphotos

Bicycle at beach. © Depositphotos | iofoto

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