Valentine’s Day is one of the most controversial holidays. For some, it’s the most romantic event of the year, while for others, it’s a marketing opportunity to make companies more money. Even people who are in a relationship can feel added pressure due to the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day. After all, this holiday obliges them to look for gifts, buy flowers, Valentine’s Day cards, and come up with ideas for romantic dates. In short, instead of pleasant experiences, people go through a lot of stress. And this is definitely not what we expect from holidays.

At the same time, due to global challenges and current events, such as the war in Ukraine, people are in need of positive emotions now more than ever. Therefore, we suggest not ignoring Valentine’s Day in your marketing communication, but simply changing the way you approach it. Turn Valentine’s Day into a celebration of love in all of its forms. It can be a manifestation of love for family, friends, pets, nature, countries, and the whole planet. Just remember that love has many faces. Choose visual content that reflects people of different genders, ages, and nationalities to interact with your audience. And do not forget about the concept of self-love: it will surely find a response in the hearts of many.

To help you prepare a unique Valentine’s Day campaign, we created a special collection with authentic photos and videos. Download the ones you liked most and spread the romance!

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Love, disability and hands of retirement couple with care, gratitude and support in marriage. Unity, respect and senior people holding hands for bonding, appreciation and togetherness zoom

Happy family in a rural setting

Beautiful woman playing with her dog Outdoor portrait series

cinematic image of an happy multiethnic senior couple. Indoors Lifestyle moments at home. Concept about seniority and relationships

Fall in love. label and book on a wooden table.

kolektsiya teplyh foto i video do dnya svyatogo valentyna 5

A cup of coffee with delicious cookies with postcard I love you.

Smiling mother sitting outside holding her cute baby boy

Любов у всіх її проявах: колекція теплих фото і відео до Дня святого Валентина

Don’t use clichéd images of romantic couples and banal Valentine’s Day symbols, all of which have long bored audiences. Share ideas of multifaceted love with candid photos and videos of people sharing special moments with each other, enjoying their favorite pastimes, and just being themselves! Share the best emotions possible to support your audience and remind them that there are many reasons to feel happy.

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