When your motivation is low and you’re tired of the monotonous routine, it’s time to make some changes to your environment. You can rent a place in a coworking space to recreate the office atmosphere, get out on a cafe terrace with your laptop, or simply alter your home office in a way that would inspire you to take on new projects and do your best.

You can start with small things like decluttering your desk and move on to major changes if you feel like you need them. To find interesting ideas for your home office makeover, you can search the Depositphotos library and explore our thematic photo collection. There are dozens of images of inspiring desks and cabinets for every taste and purpose. Dive in!

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Home office makeover ideas to spark your productivity

1. Less is more

If you’re not ready for global changes yet, you can start small. Get rid of all the papers, boxes, cutlery, and books from your desk. Polish up your space and leave only the most necessary objects such as a laptop, a notebook, and a pen. Don’t seek a compromise with clutter because your organizational efforts will be in vain.

Having decided to clean up your home office, act resolutely as if you believe that clear space means a clear mind. This approach often helps creative people to concentrate on your work and not divert their attention to their surroundings.

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2. Creative chaos

There are two categories of people. Those who believe that nothing around you should distract you from your work and those who claim that chaos fuels is creativity.

If you belong to the latter, you should stick to a different approach to home office design and decorate your space with fascinating objects. These could be statues, books and magazines, color palettes, or printed photos from your analog camera. You can also surround yourself with plants, flowers, and moodboards. In general, everything around you should come together in one cohesive picture and inspire you to stay productive during working hours.

Handsome serious modern businessman working stock photo

3. The power of color

Color theory is an entire science, both when it comes to appealing to your audience and motivating yourself to stay productive. You can consider it when coming up with your home office makeover ideas as well.

For instance, keep in mind that green is a relaxing color. It is associated with nature and stability. To be less anxious during your work, you can paint your walls green or put some plants on your desk. Orange is the color of energy and action, while red is about passion and love. However, these colors can be irritating so you’d better use them in decor. There is also purple, the color of creativity, as well as white and black that are often chosen by perfectionists.

Which color to choose depends on your preferences but painting a wall behind your desk can be a good start if you feel like your interior demands change.

yellow workplace stock image

4. A separate space

The pandemic made us all adjust to the new reality but also learn to stay productive while your pets, children, or family are around you all day. Of course, spending more time with your relatives can be joyful but not when you have burning deadlines at work.

To be able to concentrate on your tasks, while you’re not alone at home, you can try to organize a separate space for yourself. In a flat, this could be a simple wooden or glass partition that would divide your desk from the general room and serve as a full-fledged office.

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5. The more light, the better

Have you been working in a dark room with dim lighting in the last couple of months? Has your productivity decreased? The issue might be a lack of light that influences your circadian rhythm – the rhythm of our body that changes because of illumination and air temperature during the day. When you work in low light conditions, it adjusts to the night mode and makes us sleepy. When the lighting is bright, our organism wakes up and it makes it easier for us to stay productive.

In short, the reason why you procrastinate so much or have trouble concentrating is that you make your organism believe it’s night time during the day. To quickly boost your energy, move your home office to the brightest room in your house, and watch your efficiency increase.

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6. Local chic

Are you familiar with the situation when you come back home from vacation “100% charged” and ready to cope with any tasks? This is when you can find inspiration inside and whatever your workplace looks like, you’ll manage to stay productive. However, there are situations when you’re sick and tired of everything but you still need to do your job. Then, you should draw inspiration from outer things such as your window view or home office design.

Being fond of your environment helps you find strengths to complete your tasks. Think of a place where you’d like to be now and try to recreate that atmosphere in your home office. For example, if you’re writing a book and reading Hemingway’s novels for inspiration, you can put on the wall some posters with the Parisian cityscape and drink your morning coffee from fancy porcelain. Such an approach to decorating your space will give you new emotions and spark creativity as well because you’re treating yourself.

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Wrap up

Being productive while staying at home might be challenging but you got this! Just put some effort into making over your home office and you’ll get a boost in productivity and motivation in a matter of hours. You can also draw inspiration from our thematic photo collection. It’s full of insights and visuals that will motivate you to get up and get to that long-awaited home office makeover.

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