Christmas is knocking at the door and it’s time to get in the holiday mood. If you’re already on vacation, you can spend hours watching tear-jerking Christmas ads by the world’s most popular brands, do last-minute shopping for your family and yourself, or choose a holiday getaway and start packing your suitcase.

If you’re still stuck in the office or simply have a lot of tasks to complete before Christmas, there’s a quicker way to feel the holiday atmosphere. You can watch a special short video that we’ve prepared for you. We put it together with footage from the Depositphotos library and paired it with a song to really set the holiday spirit.

The video is devoted to Christmas movies that every adult and child knows such as…. not another word. Because it is a Christmas Movie Challenge by Depositphotos!

Watch the full video, try to guess the six hidden Christmas movies, and get a chance to win a coupon code for 10 free photos from our library. The challenge is now live on our Facebook page, where you can also read the rules and participate.

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Christmas Movie Challenge

Christmas is all around us. You feel it in your fingers. You feel it in your toes. ?What does it mean? It's time for a Christmas Movie Challenge! ?️Rules: – Find 6 hidden Christmas movies – Post your answer in the commentsAmong those who named all 6 movies right, we will pick a lucky winner through The winner will be chosen on Dec 27 and will get a coupon code for 10 free photos from our library! Good luck and have fun! ?

Geplaatst door Depositphotos op Vrijdag 20 december 2019


There’s little chance you wouldn’t recognize all six movies because they are the world’s favorite ones. By the way, in our article “Winter Travel Destinations Fresh Out of 10 Christmas Movies” you can find some really useful hints.

We wish you good luck with the Christmas Movie Challenge and a delightful Christmas with your family and friends!

Happy Holidays!

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