With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to plan a holiday campaign. To make the most of the occasion, it’s best to take a holistic approach. Not sure where to start? In this article, we’ll share efficient Father’s Day marketing ideas that will help you engage with your audience meaningfully.

Keep reading to discover when Father’s Day 2024 is and why it’s worth launching a dedicated campaign. Check out a sincere collection of images for your holiday communication that will resonate with every dad.  

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Photo mature father with two small children brushing teeth indoors at home, taking selfie.

Why to launch a Father’s Day campaign 

According to a Statista survey, 75% of respondents in the U.S. alone plan to celebrate Father’s Day in 2024. Want more compelling facts? In 2023, total spendings on this holiday around the United States reached a record high of $22.9 billion. This year’s numbers are likely to be even more impressive. It’s a golden chance for brands to improve sales with holiday offers and promotions, especially since summer is traditionally not rich in marketing occasions.      

Business opportunities provided by Father’s Day go beyond boosting revenue. When it comes to holiday marketing campaigns, emotions drive customer behavior more than ever. They significantly improve the efficiency of your efforts, helping achieve many goals, such as:

  • Boosting brand awareness 
  • Improving customer engagement 
  • Reaching new audiences
  • Bettering connections with customers

It is also worth mentioning the dadvertising trend. Simply put, this advertising depicts modern, involved, and stay-at-home dads. Such representation is the complete opposite of a stereotypical patriarchal father who is focused mainly on work and pays little attention to his children. 

Understanding of gender roles in society and families, in particular, has shifted drastically in recent decades. Today, women often work on an equal footing with men, so involvement in childrearing is also becoming more equalized. According to a survey of U.S. parents conducted in 2022, 85% of fathers find being a parent is the most or one of the most important aspects of their identity. It adds even more value to Father’s Day as an occasion to honor a transition to conscious fatherhood. This shift is reflected in our authentic image collection celebrating dad love and support.       

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Father's Day 2024: Top Marketing Ideas That Will Drive Results + Collection

When is Father’s Day

Another great thing about Father’s Day is that it’s celebrated worldwide, so you can reach a large audience. However, keep in mind that in some countries, this holiday may fall on different dates or seasons. If you plan to address your thematic campaign to local audiences, check when Father’s Day is in the target country. The good news is that most countries celebrate this holiday on the same day—the third Sunday in June. In 2024, Father’s Day falls on June 16 in the U.S., UK, Canada, China, France, India, Japan, Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, and over 80 other countries. 

Don’t worry about not having much time left. We’ve put together a list of quick marketing ideas for your Father’s Day communication. Check it out and choose the best option relevant to your target audience.

Father’s Day marketing ideas for success in 2024 

1. Holiday website makeover

Many people are looking for perfect Father’s Day gifts this time of year. Show them that you are ready to help with that. Give your website a festive makeover to demonstrate that you are prepared to meet clients’ needs. It will give you more traffic from potential customers and a chance to increase sales. 

Since visuals are the most impactful means of communicating a message, focus on choosing relatable images for holiday website decorating. Ensure they don’t feature stereotypical images of fathers that are no longer relevant. Instead, rely on authentic photos of involved and caring dads. Luckily, you don’t have to search for such content, as we’ve assembled a big Father’s Day collection with the best thematic visuals to enhance your website and brand communication. Just check it out to find the perfect files! 

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Photo smiling black man holding a daughter

2. Special “dad” offers 

Another way to help consumers find a gift for Father’s Day is to prepare special holiday offers. No worries, you don’t have to launch new products for this. In fact, almost anything can be a gift for a dad—from devices and tools to subscriptions and joint activities. Try to rethink your existing products and present them in the holiday context. Add relevant marketing messages and banners with catchy CTAs. You can go further and create an entire section with Father’s Day offers or a pop-up that instantly grabs visitors’ attention.   

3. Dedicated email campaigns 

What about customers who might not visit your website and see holiday offers? You can reach them by launching a thematic email campaign. Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective channels, as each dollar spent on email brings $36. So it’s definitely worth including in your Father’s Day strategy. 

Moreover, you can segment your audience to send the right messages to the right people at the right time. Design an engaging email with gift guides or coupon codes to further boost your holiday sales. Be sure to prepare abandoned cart emails, as customers might be distracted and forget to complete their purchase. With over 70% of shopping carts abandoned, you should pay extra attention to this aspect.      

Photo Asian man is taking care of his child.

4. Father’s Day social media communication 

Like most holidays, Father’s Day is an excellent opportunity to grow social media engagement and strengthen your connection with subscribers. In addition to holiday offers and gift guides, you can share content that has viral potential. For instance, think about hilarious memes dedicated to dads. It is a go-to way to stand out from the crowd, as 95% of brands are afraid to use humor in their communications.  

Don’t forget about the value of user-generated content: there is little else that can deliver similar engagement. How can you ignite it in the context of Father’s Day? Encourage your social media followers to share memorable photos, funny stories, and precious moments with their dads. Beyond building trust with your audience, this approach can generate much buzz and involvement without any effort on your part. 

Photo of mature father welcoming daughter in the kitchen

5. Thematic content repurposing 

With not much time before the holiday, we suggest you optimize your creative process. To save resources, you can opt for content repurposing. Think of crafting one piece of content dedicated to the holiday and then adapting it to different channels and formats. For example, you can create a Father’s Day gift guide featuring your products and use it as a basis for blog articles, social media posts, YouTube videos, or podcast episodes.  

Thanks to such a multichannel approach, you can cover all possible target groups with little input. In addition to broad reach, content repurposing allows you to increase your online presence, enhance brand awareness, and boost audience engagement. Moreover, content dedicated to a single topic can make your brand a credible source of information on this particular subject and improve your SEO performance. 

Father’s Day campaigns we love 

Stella Artois: The Best Present for Father’s Day

The Stella Artois 2018 holiday video campaign is full of heartwarming and sincere emotions. We see three millennials from across the globe reading Father’s Day greetings posted on their social media. But the thing is, their dads don’t use social media and can’t see these posts. Hearing the words of love and gratitude from children in real life touches fathers to tears. With this campaign, the brand conveys a simple message that the best present is to be present, especially regarding the people you value most.

Dollar Shave Club: Manifique: A Father’s Day Gift

Let’s add a splash of humor to our holiday selection. Dollar Shave Club knows how to do it exceptionally well. The branded Father’s Day campaign celebrates dads of all sizes and shapes. This entertaining video features men with prominent dad bods and unsporty physiques who nevertheless enjoy themselves, dancing in all the glory. Dollar Shave Club promotes the idea of male body positivity in its holiday communication, aiming to make men feel their best.   

Google Chrome: Dear Sophie 

Although this incredibly touching campaign is over a decade old, it remains relevant since it highlights timeless values such as absolute parental love and dedication. The ad tells the story of a father who has been writing emails to his daughter, Sophie, since she was born. This fascinating storytelling is built around Google services helping the main character document and keep the most precious moments of his child’s life. It’s a brilliant example of holiday communication, combining product promotion with an emotional narrative that evokes a genuine response.  

Gillette: Go Ask Dad 

Gillette’s holiday campaign uses the insight that 94% of teenagers would rather look for answers on the Internet than ask their fathers. In the commercial, several boys try to tie a tie, fry an egg, and shave for the first time using online tutorials, but they have little success. The situation changes when their fathers appear in the room, and the boys can ask for help. This campaign reminds us about the importance of shared experiences bringing people together that cannot be found online. 

Final thoughts 

You can take various approaches to your Father’s Day communication, such as spreading awareness, appealing to emotions, or using humor. But in any case, the main principles of your holiday campaign should be authenticity and sincerity. Avoid stereotypes and focus on realistic representations of fathers in which many will recognize themselves. Explore our collection of visuals that celebrate fatherhood in all its diversity. This way, you can craft meaningful communication to stand out and engage your target audience this Father’s Day.    

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