As one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, Instagram offers endless opportunities for graphic designers. On this platform, you can showcase your work, enjoy feedback from followers, get inspired, as well as learn professional hacks from other creatives.

In order to help you stay motivated, and feel like you’re part of a global creative community during a lockdown, we’ve compiled a list of 14 active Instagram accounts hosted by talented and famous graphic designers.


Famous graphic designers on Instagram

01 Jessica Walsh


If you have experience in graphic design, then the name Jessica Walsh should sound familiar. Jessica is one of the most influential graphic designers in the world and was also part of the famous Sagmeister & Walsh duo. Unfortunately, this year, she is not as active online, however, you can still enjoy her design posts from previous years. This account will be especially liked by those who are looking for new, non-trivial approaches and ideas.


02 Stefan Sagmeister


Stefan Sagmeister is one of the most famous graphic designers of our time. We recommend that you follow his account: you’ll definitely have something to discuss with colleagues during your lunch break. This Australian designer uses Instagram to share insights about his studio projects. Many designers approach Stagmeister to receive an expert assessment of their works. For this reason, he also posts commentary on their art and shares research that he has conducted (which he then publishes in his books).


03 Antoni Tudisco


Antoni Tudisco is a Hamburg-based creative director and 3D artist with a recognizable and vibrant style. In recent years, he has created designs for many fashion brands, some of which can be found on his Instagram account. Antoni’s work is provocative and controversial. In addition, the designer almost never comments on his designs. However, he pushes the boundaries of 3D design and is one of the top influencers in the industry.


04 Steven Harrington


Steven is an artist and designer from Los Angeles with a distinctive and bold style. The author creates complex illustrations and does not hesitate to share his work process online. Pay attention to the color solutions and shapes that Harrington prefers. You can find features of pop art, as well as references to some cartoon masterpieces in his works. The designer’s universe is very interesting to delve into, and you can explore it whenever you need some inspiration.


05 Aaron James Draplin


Draplin is a legendary US graphic designer who often refers to vintage and slightly raw designs from the last century. Aaron has a recognizable way of working and communicating with followers. , you are unlikely to find a lot of information about his life on Instagram, but there is a lot on his recent projects. Aaron often shares the ideas behind his graphic designs, as well as his unusual takes on some contemporary and past designs. With this designer, you can learn how to create thoughtful works and describe them.


06 Peter Tarka



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A post shared by Peter Tarka (@petertarka)

Peter Tarka is an influential contemporary designer based in London. Peter has created 3D illustrations for dozens of global brands, but his Instagram account includes mostly self-standing images. You can observe every picture Peter posts for hours. They look realistic, contain fascinating details, and are so pleasing to the eye. This is because he knows how to play around with composition and well-balanced color palettes. The designer often communicates with his audience online and is glad to answer questions from his followers.


07 Chris Labrooy



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A post shared by Chris Labrooy (@chrislabrooy)

Chris is a Scotland-based designer who blurs the line between visual art, typography, architecture, and product design. His works look incredibly realistic, due to CGI tools and 3D technology. The designer often puzzles his audience with realistic compositions, in which familiar objects appear in unfamiliar circumstances. All of his works are aesthetically pleasing and perplexing.


08 Timothy Goodman


Goodman is a lettering artist with his own recognizable style, as well as an illustrator, muralist and, of course, a designer. He is based in New York and often reflects on what’s going on around him in his works. Social issues are an area of interest for this designer. Simple drawings (often monochromatic, with letters or flat objects) that the artist posts on Instagram always contain a deep idea, and bring forward various concepts and ideas.


09 Leta Sobierajski


Leta is a multidisciplinary designer who founded a design studio in New York with her husband. She works as an art director and creates works by mixing photography, digital animation, 3D, and graphic design. On Instagram, Leta posts her works,  shares life stories, and her daily inspiration. The designer’s projects are bold, bright, and a little mischievous. You will like them if you enjoy using bright colors and organic shapes in your designs.


10 Luke Choice


You might not be familiar with Luke Choice, but you’ve definitely heard about Velvet Spectrum, an illustration studio that creates mysterious and dynamic compositions for brands. The artist uses 3D and typographic design to develop futuristic artworks. According to Luke Choice, he tends to create dreamlike environments that push the boundaries of reality, and allow his audience to travel to different dimensions. Storytelling is of importance to Luke too, which is why following Velvet Spectrum can help you turn your designs into captivating and engaging stories.


11 Jon Contino



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A post shared by Jon Contino (@joncontino)

Jon Contino’s Instagram account is a quick tour of everything he does daily. Contino creates independent art and works as a branding consultant, apparel designer, and illustrator. He experiments with different styles, constantly mixing mainstream with the underground. Jon Contino is another very influential person in the world of modern design, so we recommend that you follow him to stay on top of trends.


12 June Digan



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A post shared by June Digan (@junedigann)

June Digan is a talented illustrator who works with watercolor paintings. On her Instagram account, she shares her latest masterpieces (most of them are printed materials) and sincere thoughts about events in her life. Following June will remind you that we are all human and that we have our own joys and sorrows. She has a great imagination and demonstrates how inspiration can be found in the most ordinary things.


13 Tad Carpenter



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A post shared by Tad Carpenter (@tadcarpenter)

Check out this Instagram account if you see yourself as a designer with a strong, individual style. Tad Carpenter has a distinctive style, and dedicates his time to developing it, instead of keeping up with trends. Tab creates digital illustrations and designs for a variety of products, including packaging and books. He has already worked on 20 children’s books and over 200 posters! Tab uses muted colors and simple, flat illustrations, but his illustrations look upbeat, vibrant, and energizing.


14 Hashmukh Kerai



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A post shared by Hashmukh Kerai (@hashmukh)

Hashmukh Kerai’s Instagram account is an endless source of inspiration, aesthetic pleasure, and a good mood. Hashmukh is a freelance motion designer and 3D artist based in London. Moreover, he has a background in film production. . The designer has a memorable style and is known for creating fascinating universes with captivating characters. Today, Hashmukh sells his crypto art online, so if you plan to become a digital artist, you can learn from him.


Bottom line

Famous graphic designers tend to share three types of content: independent illustrations, creative studies, and industry secrets. These content types are either informative or inspirational in terms of design aesthetic.

However, you can also benefit from lifestyle content that graphic designers share. Psychologists believe that studying biographies and interacting with successful creatives can motivate us to develop. Here are some designers with lifestyle accounts on Instagram that we recommend following: Lauren ConradSam Ushiro, and Cara Anderson.

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