You took this journey with us and 2017 has been a wonderful and eventful year at Depositphotos. As an end of the year round up, we wanted to put together our most popular blog posts and take you down this memory lane.

Most popular blog posts:

1. Top 10 Photo Editing Apps – Find One That Works For You!


Everyone needs a handy app to quickly edit their photos. Here’s our list of the top 10 photo editing apps and short tutorials on how to use them.

2. Back to Basics: 10 Composition Rules in Photography


Composition rules in photography should always be kept in mind. Dive into some photography basics and polish up your skills!

3. EXIF Stats Infographic from Our 60 Million Files Library


We put together some of the most interesting and insightful data from our library. Our infographic with EXIF stats reveal a great deal about our photographers and their preferences.

4. 9 Dying Instagram Trends That Are Dragging You Down


Instagram is all about the trendiest images. Here are some of the Instagram trends that definitely shouldn’t be on your page anymore. Dive in for more tips and advice on how to stay relevant.

5. Depositphotos Illustrators Create Alternative Movie Posters for Oscar Nominated Films


Some of our most talented illustrators have come up with alternative movie posters for some of the Oscar nominated films. They’re breathtakingly beautiful, creative and ambitious.

6. Customize These Top 15 Social Media Designs From Crello


We’ve chosen 15 of the best social media designs from the Crello template library so that all that’s left for you to do, is choose your favourites and customize them right away.

7. Trendy Pantone Photo Selection for Your Website


The spring 2017 Pantone colors are an inspiration to all. This means you have even more visuals to work with and a great source for inspiring visuals that you can use for your website or blog.

8. Top 20 Amazing Marketing Experts That You Should Definitely follow This Year

Top 20 Amazing Marketing Experts That You Should Definitely follow This Year

We have gathered a list of upcoming marketing stars from different industries, all of which deserve to be heard, seen and read about in 2017.

9. The Ultimate Stock Image Search Guide


Here’s a handy guide on how you can improve your basic stock image search, come up with better search results and an improve the overall image selection.

10. 10 Documentaries for Photography Enthusiasts

10 Documentaries for Photography Enthusiasts

Our selection of documentaries about photography is going to recharge your creative energy. Here are some of the top films about photographers, their work and devotion.

Our memorable projects from 2017:

1. Reinventing Stock Photography


We brought together 5 art photographers to show us what cliche stock photography could look like through the prism of their creativity.

2. Reimagining Record Covers


19 artists, 19 ideas and 19 reimagined record covers of some of the classics. Creativity seeps off the page of this one, check out their creations.

3. Visual Trends 2018


Every year brings us something new to look forward to. What will visual communication look like in 2018? Here are our 10 trends that we predict will dominate the market.

Our blog continues to flourish thanks to you, and everyone that finds our articles useful,  insightful and entertaining. We’d like to continue delivering content that you crave to read, and if you have any thoughts, wishes or ideas for next year, leave your comments in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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