This week, Crello, an easy-to-use graphic design tool for creating videos, ads, posts, and animations, launched a couple of eco-initiatives for those who are striving to save our planet.

Part of their campaign is a new Instagram face filter, a series of eco-posters, and a free program for nonprofit organizations to help offices, organizations, and individuals raise awareness and take a step towards building a greener future.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about Crello’s initiatives, online activities turned into real money and getting on board to show your support.

“FaceofEarth” Instagram filter

To allow people to express their attitude towards environmental challenges, Crello introduced the “FaceofEarth” Instagram filter. At its core lies the idea that people always have a choice in regards to sustainability and that the decisions they make will sooner or later have an impact on our planet.

Each time an Instagram user tries the filer, Crello makes a donation to an eco-organization. This time, the choice is yours.

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“FaceofEarth” Instagram filter

Series of eco-posters for their template collection

Crello also presented a series of eco-posters that would encourage employers and employees to follow a more eco-friendly lifestyle and maintain a greener workplace. In offices, these posters will serve as reminders to bring desk plants, use crockery instead of plastic, and separate garbage.

You can use these templates to create customized posters and take the initiative to implement an eco-friendly approach at your office.

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Series of eco-posters for the Crello template collection

Free program for non-profit organizations

In addition, Crello has launched a special program for non-profit organizations. With an aim to reach bigger audiences, the program gives you the opportunity to use Crello’s premium features for free. You just need to submit an application form and start creating appealing designs with the free Crello Pro account that grants access for up to 10 team members.

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Having launched these initiatives, Crello aims to support eco-organizations and the global community striving to save our planet from irreversible disasters.

Whether you start bringing in your own crockery and desk plants, decide to cycle to work, separate garbage or do everything at once, you ultimately make your choice towards a better future. Get on board with these great initiatives and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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