Crello is introducing its brand new Animation Maker! The tool for easy animated designs that takes very little effort and requires no design skills.

Here’s what you can do now:

  • add animated objects to your photos or animated templates
  • combine animated backgrounds with photos for an extraordinary visual effect
  • resize your video designs in just a few clicks
  • enjoy Crello’s new animated formats – Full HD and Facebook Cover
  • customize animated templates by resizing and moving around elements in your design

Crello Animation Maker is at your fingertips to make engaging animated designs for social and advertising in mere minutes.

Crello Animation Maker is perfect for creating eye-catching short video posts to lighten up your timeline. You can use them to announce a new product line, publicize an event, present your services visually instead of listing them or create a vibrant ad for your social media marketing campaign.

With Crello Animation Maker you can animate your own photo or illustration, using animated backgrounds or dragging and dropping animated objects. New formats of Facebook cover and Full HD will help you adjust any animated designs to these formats and use the animation for marketing on any platform of your choice.

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Since being introduced last October, Crello animated templates have become popular with businesses and organizations in many industries. Ability to customize any of the pre-designed templates allows for incredible versatility of each template – add own photos, logos, backgrounds, customize the text, move and resize elements of the design to make it fit your brand’s needs.

At a glance

  • Thousands of customizable animated templates
  • Animated backgrounds to turn images into animation
  • Animated objects to place on images for accent
  • New animated formats – Facebook cover and Full HD
  • Option to mix animated elements from different templates
  • Variety of formats for social media
  • Suitable for social media covers, posts, and ads

Try Animation Maker Now

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