Green sets records for hue diversity even if all the shades are named the same. Experts have found almost fifty hues of the color in Snake Charmer (1907), the painting by Henri Rousseau; it is the color of youth and rejuvenation, of plants, sea grass and bacteria capable of photosynthesis.

Snake Charmer

Green in nature can also be seen in birds, fishes, reptiles and insects; emu’s eggs are green, too. But there is no green mammal on Earth, unless one counts the fictitious monster created by Dr. Frankenstein.

The green color is only rarely used to symbolize negative emotions; generally, green is associated with hope, growth, renewal and energy. A green traffic light encourages movement; names for money include “greenback” or “long green.” It is said that rich green jewelry attracts wealth, but the most urgent present day meaning of green is environmental friendliness, sustainability and responsibility.

Green natural environment

Green iguana

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