Would you Choose an iPhone 7 Over a DSLR?

Anyone with an iPhone will tell you that the day the got their new phone, their lives were changed forever. It’s a handy device that replaces all other gadgets including a laptop and a camera. Convenient, considering that the device is small enough to fit in your pocket. The release of the new iPhone 7 sparked an even bigger interest in regards to the new and improved camera. One is left to wonder what this means for the camera industry.

Here’s How You can Transform Your Images into Animated GIFs

There’s one small detail missing from still photographs - movement. There probably have been times when you felt like your image would be so much better if it could just have an animated detail. There is a way to turn your photographs into a GIF in Photoshop and create Cinemagraphs. Today, we have several tools that can be used to simplify this process to add movement to still images.

10 Tips for Better Macro Photography

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner photographer, you’ve probably experimented with macro photography. Close up images are another opportunity to look at everyday life differently, and capture ordinary objects in a new light. They say that you need special equipment if you want to try macro photography, however here are some tips and tricks that you can try with a regular DSLR camera.

Increase Your Profits with these Unexplored Themes in Stock Photography [Part 1]

Stock photography has a certain responsibility to live up to the standards of visual communication industries. Companies turn to stock photography to best represent their content and ideas. The way we approach stock photography has a powerful effect on businesses. Clients want images with a human factor in them, something that is relatable for a large audience. This is precisely why we have to start thinking about the future, the current trends and ultimately look to redefine what makes a contemporary individual.

5 Thought-provoking Photography Projects from Behance

Behance is a useful resource for artists and designers alike. It is a place that brings together professionals from the creative industry and offers a unique opportunity for them to showcase their work. If you’re on the lookout for a little inspiration, this article is for you. The first point to note is that the photography topics covered are subtle connections to photography itself, with a lot of layers of meaning added with post production. It illustrates the power of using photography as the main visual aid and certainly shows all the possibilities with the medium.

Closing the Gender Gap Through Stock Images of Professions

As you surf the internet, you can’t help but stumble upon stock photography. One too many times we’ve seen females as secretaries, nurses and yoga instructors, and men dominating the more powerful professions. People deliberately choose specific images of males and females that best embody their respective roles in the workforce. If you pay close attention, you will realize that even stock photography tends to be sexist through the portrayal of outdated stereotypes.

Digital Art and the Evolution of Stock Photography


Art speaks louder than words. It employs known visual objects and transforms them into surprising new forms. When it comes to digital art, can stock photography be of use? Can it keep up with the rapid pace of digital art transformation?

We’ve asked digital artists who participated in Digital Decade 2016 one simple question:

How should stock photography evolve in order to serve digital art in the future?


Moe Pike Soe on virtual reality: