Nebojsa Tatomirov is another notable contributor at Depositphotos that is living the life he’s always dreamed of. In his journey with photography, he started young and his initial enthusiasm and love for photography brought him here with us today. Nebojsa shares with us a little bit about his work, stock photography and maybe a secret or two about the industry.

Nebojsa Tatomirov stock photography - Young man with beard taking selfie with girlfriend while sitting in cafe

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

I’m a photographer based in Serbia. I started taking photos before I was eight years old. From my start to now, I felt a lot of great stuff, met a lot of people – I’m living that life. I’m working as a wedding photographer mostly. I love that job – it makes me happy! When you start photographing someone’s important date, you are becoming a part of their lives.

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Why did you choose to get into stock photography?

I choose to get into stock photography because I love to meet new people, to travel to new locations. That’s a new experience, and of course a challenge! Stock photography is a story in itself. When I started, I felt that I was a new photographer, I was learning all the rules, techniques, etc.

Do you have a favorite image in your Depositphotos portfolio? If so, what’s the story behind it?

I don’t have a favorite image. I love all of my images, but if I need to decide, one from this set with the child is my favorite.

The child was shy at the beginning, but after one hour, we were laughing, jumping, and pillow fighting. It was so funny on that photoshoot.

Nebojsa Tatomirov stock photography - Happy family lying on bed and having fun in bedroom

How difficult is it to start working with stock photography platforms and what kind of returns can you expect to make in the beginning?

It’s not so hard at all. The software we are using is not so complicated, but you need to know the basics. In the beginning, you can’t expect almost anything. You need to work hard to get something.

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What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned so far in stock photography?

I have learned that working with people is very hard. Photoshoot organization sometimes can be very difficult but this job is a passion. When your work is what you love that means that you are not working, you are enjoying your time.

What is your typical work day like?

It’s very hard question! I don’t have a typical workday but – thinking about the photo shoot, starting shooting, checking photos, retouching them, coming up with ideas, rinse and repeat.

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What are some themes that you’d like to explore more in stock photography?

I love to travel, and of course everything about it, that is one of the themes that I would like to explore more. New culture, new activities, new people, everything.

How do you choose your models?

I choose my models when I see their smiles. For me, nothing is more important than a smile. They can be pretty, but they need to have that something in itself.

Nebojsa Tatomirov stock photography - Couple in love having fun in the park

What factors help an image sell well?

Factors that help an image sell well are, of course, spontaneous people in them, good facial expressions, lighting, good retouching, and great keywording. Everything counts!

How was stock photography changed since you started? Where do you think it’s heading to?

I’m haven’t been in stock photography for too long, and nothing much has changed. But it’s heading to be an opportunity for photographers to express their ideas into something people will love, and use it for their own purpose.

Nebojsa Tatomirov stock photography - Young couple celebrating their anniversary in cafe with glasses of wine

Your #1 tip or words of wisdom:

Be yourself, somebody will see and appreciate it!

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