Experienced photographers working with Depositphotos will tell you that you that all you have to do to be successful is get your foot in the door. With enough perseverance and practice, you can become one of our top contributors. The perks are many, which is why we put together this guide to help ensure your success.

Photographers, illustrators and even film makers come to us to build up their portfolios and deliver their art to image and motion buyers. Creatives all over the world are always scouting for new and exciting content. Depositphotos is a platform that brings together creatives and clients, providing an easy solution for both sides.

Our guide will help you get started and answer all your questions in regards to selling your work with Depositphotos.

A little bit about Depositphotos


Depositphotos is a global market place for photography. With a library of over 60 million files and clients from over 200 countries, we prioritize creativity and innovation. There are over 45,000 contributors from all over there world and we’re always happy to see new talent that only improves our database with their unique style.

When you become a contributor at Depositphotos, you’re taking your first step towards selling your artwork to our global client base of millions of customers and selling your works on an international scale.

Stock photography explained


When you’re new to stock photography, you might  have some questions in regards to what it is. Stock photography is a category of photography that is put up for sale and is resold as many times to meet the demands of clients. The images are there, and always available on the website. You earn a specific percentage from every sale you make. All images are sold royalty-free.

Stock photography is a convenient solution for clients because it is much more efficient and accessible than hiring professional photographers for photoshoots. Think of stock photography as a marketplace for images, videos and illustrations.

Becoming a contributor


Contributing your work to Depositphotos is quick and easy. We have an excellent workflow in place and the process of uploading, submitting and getting approvals takes very little time. Some contributors can start earning the day they upload their work.

Another perk of working with Depositphotos is that we are not an exclusive microstock which means you can sell your works on other websites. You can really broaden your customer base and enjoy the benefits of Depositphotos at the same time.

Here are the 3 simple steps to becoming a contributor at Depositphotos:

  1. Sign up with Depositphotos and create your account
  2. Upload a few of your best photos and pass the easy exam
  3. Upload images and start earning!

Keyword tips

The biggest concern for you as a photographer is how you’re going to make your images visible to clients. The best tip is to put yourself in the shoes of the client, and think about the possible keywords they can be using to look for your image. Try to step outside the typical keywords that literally describe the picture.

Spend some time surfing our website to get a better idea of the kind of keywording that other photographers are using for photographs with similar subjects. Images that are more conceptual and can be assigned many adjectives usually have more success.

Model and property releases

You can download a model release form on our website. If your pictures include people’s faces and the person can be identified, you need to include a model release form with your upload. A model release form is signed by the model, the photographer and a witness. This is a legal document that grants you the right to feature people in your photographs for commercial purposes.

The same applies to properties. It is required if you take pictures of protected objects such as other people’s art work or on private grounds. You can find the property release form here.

How to profit from your photography

All images on Depositphotos are royalty-free. This means that they are available as per the licensing terms. The clients that purchase your images, they receive non-exclusive, lifelong right to use them according to the Standard and Extended license types.

The royalty that you will receive once your image is sold, depends on your level. See the charts below below to see what percentage you will make with the On Demand and Subscription sales:

Royalties from On Demand files

royalties from stock photos sold

Royalties from Subscription files

royalties from stock photos sold subscription

Contributor levels

contributor levels depositphotos

Find out more about pricings in our contributor program page. If you have any other questions regarding the information in this article, see our frequently asked questions.

Useful resources to get started

When you’re just starting out, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. We provide valuable tools for our photographers, one of them being this blog. Sign up for our newsletters to get the latest updates.

Keep up with our ‘In Demand’ series to see which photographs sell and see our top photographs and top mobile photos. Images are a form of visual communication, and that is a field that in the process of constant transformation. It’s important to keep up with trends and have an updated portfolio of images that you know will sell.


We have also released a visual trends guide that can help you choose what style and type of photography you can get started with. We cover some important themes and topics that are going to be in demand for the next year.

Depositphotos is quickly growing and evolving thanks to our talented photographers. Join us today, and we’ll join you on your creative journey where you will also find your financial success.

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