It’s the season to be jolly and coincidently the season to stress about holiday marketing campaigns. Every year, it’s the same strategy and the same messages. Why not make this year a little different and a bit more innovative? Forget the Santa, Christmas trees and snow.

Consider this: people are getting bombarded with holiday promotional materials and ad campaigns around the clock. Give your clients something to think about with a new approach to holiday marketing. Do you dare to be different? Let’s start with your visuals.

Trends to try this holiday season:

1. Intimacy

Current advancements of technology make anyone a photographer overnight. Capturing intimate moments in everyday life gives everyone something they can relate to. Routines, emotions and festivities are all worth zooming in on.

trends for holiday marketing christmas stock photography

2. Hygge is trendy

Hygge can be best described as a reference to a trend in the Danish lifestyle. It’s the infatuation with the comforting and soothing environments that stretches well beyond the home. Adapt this approach to your choice of visuals and go for the tones that are outside of the classing red, green and gold spectrum.

photography trends for holiday marketing christmas visuals

3. Handmade

The mass produced symbols of Christmas are simply overrated. What’s trending now are the unique, one of a kind objects and how they’re made. Handmade gifts, artisan crafts and the documentation of the process are all an interesting spin on the holiday theme. These images will tell a story instead of causing your audience to roll their eyes at cliches.

christmas photography trends marketing

4. Don’t forget the furry friends

There are two types of people in this world; those that love dogs and everyone else. Majority fall in the first category so you can never go wrong with including our furry friends. It’s another way to put a smile on someone’s face without being gimmicky.

christmas photography trends dogs

5. Quirky illustrations

Are you short of ideas? Why not give illustrations a try! Everyone can appreciate a skillful artist and illustrations are another way to translate the jolly mood or highlight the essence of your holiday campaign.


6. A touch of humor

Not all campaigns have to be serious and strict on aesthetics. Surprise your clients! Give them something to smile about (if pictures of dogs don’t do it already). Everyone can appreciate a little humor, just avoid the dark side.

christmas visuals content marketing trends

7.  The other side of travels

The holidays are also a great time for traveling. It’s a chance to add some wanderlust to your campaigns and appeal to those that rebel the traditions.

photography trends christmas marketing

8. Christmas and beyond

Don’t just stop there. Christmas may be one of the biggest events in December but there is also New Years which is a chance to show festivities in a new light. Make your campaigns versatile so they don’t just narrow in one 25th.

christmas stock photography trends marketing

9. Natural lighting

Most importantly, keep an eye out for naturally lit photographs. Sometimes darker compositions can work well together. For instance, candle lit photographs can translate a more intimate environment. Don’t be afraid to use filters and neon lights (it’s a trend!).

holiday marketing trends natural lighting christmas

10. Attention to details

Lastly, remember that some of the greatest pleasures in life are in the little details. Instead of being literal with your campaigns, choose something to focus on that embodies the spirit of the holidays and tells a story with the bigger picture in mind.

Christmas marketing trends

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