In light of the holiday spirit, we decided to scout the internet for GIFs photographers can relate to. The struggle is real folks! Photographers sometimes have it hard but they’re also blessed with one of the most fulfilling jobs out there. Here’s to those that love their jobs and can’t imagine life any other way.

1. When you get a notification about a sold stock photo:

2. When you hear about your actual shooting location:

3. When someone cracks the joke about you ‘shooting people’:

4. When you’re out on a partially sunny day and you don’t know how to work with the weather:

5. When you have to update to new gear but you really can’t do it:

6. When you get excited about the perfect shot that needs no editing:

7. When you finally find your ideal client that’s easy to work with:

8. When you’re off to another wedding to be the designated photographer:

9. When you manage to have 3 full meals a day with your schedule:

10. When someone asks you for a free photoshoot:

11. When you find a fellow photographer friend you can actually relate to:

12. When your work is so good, it’s copy and  pasted on other websites:

13. When drama sparks in online communities:

14. When mean comments are casually dropped about your work:

15. When you hear “your camera takes amazing pictures”:

16. Those moments when Photoshop quits on you:

17. The anticipation of having clients review your portfolio:

18. When your works finally get the exposure they deserve:

19. But also when you go to sleep looking like this because you literally have the greatest job anyone could ever ask for:

20. And clients absolutely love your work:

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