Today, you can see Ukrainian national colors in many parts of the world. Millions of people get together to support Ukraine, organize anti-war rallies, as well as decorate windows of their houses and shops to show their solidarity. Street artists don’t stand aside as well: they create powerful murals to highlight the perseverance of Ukrainians, and to remind us that today, Ukrainians are fighting for universal human values. Explore the most interesting examples of street art made in support of Ukraine in this article.


1. Paris, France

Фото мурал seth_globepainterSource: Instagram 

Author: seth_globepainter

This mural appeared in the French capital several days after February 24th. According to the artist, a little girl symbolizes the courage and determination of Ukrainian people fighting against the Russian invasion. By the way, Seth has a long-standing relationship with Ukraine; he has created multiple murals in various cities of the country (the famous “Revival of Ukraine” mural in Kyiv is his collaboration with artist Oleksii Kyslov). The artwork called “L’Ukraine en marche” was also published in print format, so anyone who wants to buy a copy can do so, and the author will give all the proceeds from the sales to aid Ukrainians.


2. Kyiv, Ukraine

Фото мурал Саша КорбанSource: Instagram 

Author: Sasha Korban

The patriotic mural on one of the streets of Kyiv’s Obolon district was created by Ukrainian artist Sasha Korban in April, when battles for liberation of nearby Bucha and Irpin were still going on. As to the source of inspiration, the artist said, “Thanks to the incredible efforts of our Armed Forces warriors, Territorial Defence Forces, volunteers, and all Ukrainians who have united now, we are containing the enemy so that they won’t be able to tear our home country apart”. Sasha Korban moved to Kyiv from Donetsk in 2014 when the war began there. Since then, he has created many famous murals in the Ukrainian capital (e.g. “The Elephant and Balloons”“Girl with a cage and a bird”), as well as in other cities such as Mariupol (“Milana”“Towards Happiness”).


3. Prague, Czech Republic

Фото мурал ChemisSource: Instagram 

Author: Chemis

Very often, the main characters of murals are children. Chemis painted this girl as if she is trying to protect herself and all her toy friends under the flag of Ukraine: you can see the American Mickey Mouse, British Bitzer the dog, French Obelix, Czech Mole (Krtek), Polish Bolek and Lolek, German Maya the bee, and Finnish Moomintroll hiding under it. According to the artist, as a father of two, he can’t even imagine all the helplessness, pain, and fear that ordinary Ukrainian people experience now. In his opinion, it’s necessary to keep on helping and reminding people what values we are standing for. Chemis is also selling the printed version of his mural to support Ukrainian children.


4. London, Great Britain

Фото мурал WOSKerskiSource: Instagram 

Author: WOSKerski

London street artist WOSKerski also didn’t ignore the topic of war in Ukraine. He created a bright mural with a girl wearing a hat in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. This way, the author supported Ukrainians who today are forced to fight for their lives and freedom. Also on Instagram, he expressed hope that this horror will end soon.


5. Lille, France

Фото мурал KELU ABSTRACTSource: Instagram 


The powerful blue-yellow mural depicting a blindfolded man with an appeal to fight for your rights appeared in two French cities at the same time – Paris and Lille. It has already become one of the most photographed murals in the world.


6. Vilnius, Lithuania

Фото мурал Linas KaziulionisSource: Instagram 

Author: Linas Kaziulionis

In Vilnius, a mural in solidarity with Ukraine has adorned the wall of the Military Academy. To create it, the artist used a photo by a documentary photographer, who captured an emotional moment of a Ukrainian warrior saying goodbye to his beloved. Also, the artist Linas Kaziulionis has urged to make every effort to support Ukraine.


7. Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Фото мурал Justus BeckerSource: Instagram 

Author: Justus Becker

A mural with the symbol of peace – a dove holding a blue-yellow olive branch – adorns a wall of a French five-storey residential building. This way, artist Justus Becker showed his solidarity with Ukraine. The artist, who has many Ukrainian friends, believes that one cannot stand indifferent, and the people who choose a neutral position in fact support the aggression.


8. Cardiff, Great Britain

Фото мурал mydogsighsSource Instagram 

Author: mydogsighs

Mydogsights created this mural on one of the streets of the Welsh capital, because he really wanted to share his emotions on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The author depicted a person’s eye seeing explosions in Kyiv. This powerful artwork gained huge popularity and spread on social media, so the artist has decided to publish it in a printed version, and to transfer all the proceeds from its sales to support Ukrainians.


9. Warsaw, Poland

Фото мурал Andrzej PągowskiSource: Instagram 

Author: Andrzej Pągowski

Famous Polish artist and poster creator, Andrzej Pągowski, dedicated his mural to Ukrainian women. This is a tribute to their strength during hard war times, as well as a symbol of the fight for freedom. According to the author, he was really impressed by women he met at the border checkpoint, who have to bear full responsibility for their family and children. The artist has expressed his admiration in a blue-yellow silhouette portrait of a woman with flowers and symbols of peace.


10. Paris, France

Фото мурал C215Source: Instagram 

Author: C215

Parisian street artist Christian Guemy, better known as C215, created a huge mural depicting a little girl, in order to remind people about great human losses caused by the war. The author actively supports Ukraine. In addition to the mural in Paris, he has recently painted street art in Ukrainian cities, including Lviv, Kyiv, and Zhytomyr, which was severely damaged by Russian invaders.


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