In 2001, the theory of archetypes, prior coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, was applied to marketing by Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson. They wrote the book “The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes” and outlined the 12 brand archetypes and their main characteristic. One of the most captivating archetypes — the Explorer — is featured in this photo collection.

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So, what is an archetype?

It is an image in the collective unconscious that predisposes a person to experience certain emotions in relation to that or another object. If the emotions are positive, an individual identifies oneself with the brand and becomes a loyal customer.

what is a brand archetype

What perception does The Explorer archetype have?

The Explorer is a constant seeker for a better and more ‘authentic’ life, a so-called citizen of the world.

What perception does The Explorer archetype have?

The Explorer’s strategy is…

…to travel, experience new things, avoid traps, and boredom.

 The Explorer’s strategy is to travel, experience new things

What kind of visuals should be used?

Images for the Explorer are mostly lifestyle shots that depict activities and adventures, landscapes, and maps. One of the Explorer’s manifestations is a simple desire to go to the open road, find yourself in the wild, and to experience the joy of discovery. Thus, the strong visuals are:

Road trips

the explorer brand archetype

Nature in any manifestation

the explorer brand archetype

Mountains calling to be climbed

the explorer brand archetype conquering mountains

Captivating views of the horizon

Captivating views of the horizon for the explorer's archetype in branding

To create a strong brand in the spirit of the Explorer, you need not only to research the goal, strategy, and interests of the archetype but also know the characteristics inside out. Read our piece on 12 brand archetypes, check out the visuals in the collection below and figure out which archetype suits your brand the most.

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