would you choose an iphone over a dslr

Anyone with an iPhone will tell you that the day the got their new phone, their lives were changed forever. It’s a handy device that replaces all other gadgets including a laptop and a camera. Convenient, considering that the device is small enough to fit in your pocket. The release of the new iPhone 7 sparked an even bigger interest in regards to the new and improved camera. One is left to wonder what this means for the camera industry.

iPhone 7 camera improvements

The cameras remain at 12 megapixels but an improvement has been made with the sensor and the optics. The new sensor supports optical image stabilization which results in sharper images. The lens is wider now at f/1.8, an upgrade from the f/2.2 lens in previous iPhone models. This means the camera will be able to take better shots in dim environments.

iPhone 7 Plus has dual cameras

The first thing you’ll notice about the new iPhone 7 Plus is it doesn’t drastically differ in design from previous model, but the phone has a dual camera in the back. The first camera is the equivalent of a 23mm wide-angle lens and the other one that is a telephoto lens is equivalent to 56mm lens. The additional camera will soon be able to produce the ‘bokeh’ effect where the background of the image is blurred.  This movement towards a variation in cameras and the option of zooming in is a clear step towards rivaling the quality of DSLR cameras.


First pictures taken with an iPhone 7 Plus

Apple CEO Tim Cook has tweeted a link to the first iPhone 7 Plus pictures. These images were taken by David E. Klutho, Sports Illustrated photographer at the Titans-Vikings game. Here are the first photographs taken with the new dual-lens camera:




The best iPhone yet

The iPhone camera was never a threat to the camera industry until the iPhone 4 was released and Instagram made phone cameras sell out like crazy. Snapping images became second nature for those with iPhones and other high quality phone cameras. Of course, even with all the advancements, there were those that stayed faithful to the standard cameras and claimed that a DSLR is irreplaceable.

Bold claims state that this will be “the best iPhone yet” and there’s a lot of hype about the new cameras. All facts considered, would you choose an iPhone over a DSLR? It is only safe to predict that the new iPhone will replace the need to have a camera. No one wants to carry extra luggage. With all the promises of the new camera and the benefits of the brand new features make it an obvious choice between your options.

Interestingly, camera companies were not swayed by the release of the iPhone cameras in 2007. Many thought the iPhone was more of a toy in comparison to the more advanced digital cameras back then. However, as the years go by, phone cameras edge closer to replacing DSLRs. Is it safe to say that the time has come? The time that iPhone takes over the camera industry? That’s left for you to decide.

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