Thousands of photographers, millions of files – one infographic to sum up what the top cameras and settings are for stock photography. Photographers are in constant search for the ultimate techniques, the right settings and the best camera for stock photography. At Depositphotos, we did some serious data analysis to bring you answers to all these questions. One infographic that contains EXIF data from millions of files, revealing top gear and settings for images.


What is EXIF data?

The data for this infographic was collected thanks to EXIF data. Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) data is the information that is embedded in images. When film cameras were around, photographers would write this information down about their camera settings. Today, this information is automatically recorded, right along with the photograph as it’s taken.

The data includes shutter speed, ISO speed, aperture, camera model, date and time, lens type, focal length and much more. EXIF data provides unique information for photographers that can help them organize photographs, and find out more information about how the photographs were taken.


Why is this data important?

For beginners, and enthusiasts hoping to get into stock photography, this data is invaluable if you want to learn the scope of the stock photography industry in a limited amount of time. You can find out what cameras are used more often and what settings are optimal for images that are sold more often.


The winner for the best camera for stock photography is:

Whether you’re a beginner, or a professional looking to switch up your camera, here’s an interesting fact about the best gear for stock photography in our library. Canon wins! Almost 38% of all images in our library are taken with a Canon, and the most popular camera is Canon EOS 5D Mark 2.

Canon is the preference of many stock photographers, followed by Nikon and Sony. Check out our infographic and find out other valuable information that will help you plan ahead and find your optimal gear requirements and top camera settings if you want to start shooting for stocks.  


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