Every cinema piece takes us on a journey. Deliberately chosen sets contribute to the atmosphere of the movies. Some locations are built, others take place in remote and famous locations around the world. Here are 20 movie set locations that have been glorified through cinema. Off screen, they’re demystified and accessible to all.

Visiting these locations makes for a thrilling experience. Being on location brings to intangible to life, like jumping from your comfortable couch to the realms of reality. Each location was carefully selected for it’s beauty, elaborate architecture and cinematic qualities.

1. La La Land – Griffith park

film set locations in real life

2. Mad Max – Namib Naukluft National Park, Namibia

what movie set locations look like in real life

3. Interstellar – Svinafellsjokull Glacier, Iceland

famous movie locations

4. Oblivion – Hrossaborg Crater, Iceland

famous movie locations in real life

5. Hunger Games – Triple Falls, DuPont State Forest, North Carolina

hunger games film location

6. Skyfall – Glencoe

what famous movie locations look like

7. The Dark Knight Rises – Mehrangarh Fort

movie sets in real life

8. Life of Pi – Pondicherry, India

film locations around the world

9. Game of Thrones – Dubrovnik, Croatia

famous film locations in real life

10. Harry Potter – Christ Church College, Oxford

famous film locations in europe

11. Inception – Nijo Castle

inception film location

12. Avatar – Hawaii

avatar film set

13. Angels and Demons – Vatican City

what famous film locations look like in real life

14. Lord of the Rings – Hobbiton set, Matamata, North Island, New Zealand

lord of the rings film set location

15. Jurassic Park – Kauai, Hawaii

film set locations in real life

16. Star Wars – Nefta, Tunisia

film set locations around the world

17. Forest Gump – Savannah

film set locations around the world

18. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Petra

famous film set location

19. Jaws – Martha’s Vineyard

film set locations in USA

20. Monty Python – Doune Castle


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