At a time when the Internet is flooded with hundreds of thousands of digital magazines, it can seem that content is created for the sake of content. Unless it’s hot news, the text hardly incites curiosity and a burning desire to move further than the first two sentences following the headline. In this saturation of information, blogs may seem like the only credible and worthy sources of information, inspiration, and education.

Nowadays blogs are a go-to for those who want to stay up to date and receive bite-sized content less frequently but of higher quality. If you’d feel like reading more blogs in a topic that genuinely interests you, we’ve rounded up a selection of the top graphic design blogs you should follow.


Abduzeedo is a blog that features individual authors covering various design topics. It is a great source of inspiration for those who have reached a creative stalemate. It also shares industry news, tips, and guides on every topic a graphic designer might be interested in. They include illustration, branding, photography, editorial and UX/UI design, and, of course, books.   

Identity Designed

Nothing inspires and educates more than projects created by fellow designers in the same boat as you. Looking for examples on social media or portfolio platforms like Behance can take time. It is much easier to follow a blog that is ‘a compilation of visual identities from hundreds of talented design studios around the world’. Identity Designed is run by David Airey – a practising logo and identity designer, who handpicks the best projects and showcases them in the blog. 

Creative nerds

Don’t you think that every person fond of their job is always a little bit of a nerd? Creative nerds covers aspects of a design business, comparison of formats, tutorials for pros, and unique how-tos, all appreciated by real graphic design devotees. 

Design Clever

This blog is a result of the collaboration of two aspiring graphic designers Jonathan Ring and Bethany Baker. In Design Clever, they promote talented designers from different corners of the world, allowing their readers to discover already established and up-and-coming talent. Design Clever has also won “The Best Design Media Award” from Design Award, which makes the publication even more interesting to follow. 

Top Graphic Design Blogs You Should Follow

One Extra Pixel

If you’re familiar with a situation when one extra pixel is decisive, you’ll find this blog a very insightful one. One Extra Pixel is a resource site for designers and developers that aims to collect and share tips, advice, news, tutorials, tools, and inspiration with those, who are interested in the topic.   

Logo Design Love

Another blog run by Irish designer David Airey is Logo Design Love. It is not only a platform but also a book devoted to everything you need to know about logos and visual identities. David Airey himself is among the authors, as well as guest bloggers who specialize in the subjects and have a lot of useful and insightful information to share. 

Eye on Design

Eye on Design is a platform published by the American Institute of Graphic Arts – a professional association for design that ‘turns a well-trained eye” on the works of the world’s emerging and already established designers. It has a subscription and newsletter options for those who’d like to receive stories on design on a regular basis (on Mondays, Thursdays—or both).   


TDB is a short form of The Design Blog, founded and curated by a Zagreb-based designer Ena Baćanović. Featuring carefully picked and trendy projects, from identity to typeface design, its motto suggests “Don’t just be a designer – be a good one”.

Top Graphic Design Blogs You Should Follow

Graphic Design Junction

Graphic Design Junction provides both graphic designers and creatives in general with design news and inspirational content. From icons and vectors to plugins and tutorials – the blog has a lot of freebies which are always worth its weight in gold. 

Creative Bloq

You have definitely heard about Creative Bloq but we couldn’t help mention it in this list of top graphic design blogs. It serves as a daily source of inspiration for designers who work in both digital and print. If you still don’t follow Creative Bloq, you’re missing out. Check out the feed – you can always keep up with the latest trends in creative industries, get a regular portion of insights, and implement them in your projects.  

Inspiration Grid

The name of the blog speaks for itself. Inspiration Grid is literary a source of inspiration for graphic designers and creatives in an endless (pleasant to the eye) grid. After exploring hundreds of Inspiration Grid’s pieces on design, art, illustration, typography, photography, architecture, fashion, you’ll likely be addicted to the blog. 

Depositphotos Blog

If you work in a creative industry, or design, in particular, you can count on the Depositphotos Blog for inspirational and educational articles about the latest in your field. The blog often covers trends, hot topics, and all the hype for professionals working with visuals.

We hope this list of the top graphic design blogs was useful and one for the bookmarks. Each of these platforms can serve as a source of inspiration and provide you with useful knowledge on all the design-related topics. We also have an idea of making this post a never-ending one! Leave a link to your favourite graphic design blog in the comments and we will quickly add it to this post. 

Looking forward to discovering new and niche graphic design blogs!

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