It’s hard to ignore the influence of mobile photography in the stock photography industry. We’ve recently covered topics like top mobile photographs, the iPhone photography awards and even had a guest post about secrets of mobile photography. With all this buzz comes the question of – what do you do with all the mobile photographs you have?

You have hundreds and thousands of photographs on your phone, many of them worthy of recognition. You can start monetizing your hobby today with Clashot. Clashot is Depositphotos’ app for selling mobile photography on our platform. Today you’ll find out how it works and learn some basics about the app from the top contributors on Clashot.

What is Clashot?

Clashot is a mobile application that you can download on your phone and use as a tool to sell your mobile photographs. The app is connected to Depositphotos so clients can search for images in our online stock image library and purchase mobile photographs that are part of the collection.

Clashot pays photographers a certain percentage from the sale price of the photographs. The app will show you your account details, sales, rejections and other updates. You will gain a better understanding of the types of images than sell by starting to upload your own collections.

“I started working with Clashot when I found the app on Google play. What I like about Clashot is that you get to comment on pictures and thanks to this, it has developed an atmosphere of its own. In a way, Clashot is like its own little social network.

My advice to those interested in Clashot is to never give up or stop at your successes, grow and learn, try your hand in different genres.”

Konstantin Tronin

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Clashot is more than convenient. It’s an app you can use as a separate social network. You’re connected to a large community of photographers that come together to support each other, give feedback and build a business.

How to start selling your mobile photography

There are 3 simple steps to begin working with Clashot:

  1. Download the app and sign up
  2. Wait to be verified
  3. Start uploading more photographs and wait for sales

Once you’ve been approved by our moderators, you can start uploading and tagging  photographs to make them available for our clients. Moderators will select the best  photographs and you will get notifications every time your photograph sells. Find out more here.

Clashot reviews, thoughts and inspiration

“I’ve had a portfolio with Depositphotos and once I got an email that Clashot was launched, I just started uploading photos. I travel a lot and always take photographs wherever I go. What I like about Clashot is that you don’t have the typical photographs you would expect in an app like this. Users upload pictures that are going to be useful for someone. I like sorting through the pictures and get inspired by other contributors.

I advise those that are new to Clashot to really evaluate your shots before you press your camera button. Analyze your shot first and try to add something interesting to it.”

– Aleksei

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“I uploaded most of my works to Clashot about 2 years ago. The system has undergone a lot of changes since. It’s a project where contributors could get encouragement for their works through a system of likes from experts. Many of the contests made it possible to make real profits, publishing photographs according to specific themes and topics.

For me, Clashot opened up a world of commercial photography. Through trial and error I got a feel of what was currently in demand and of course, had the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from professionals (which is priceless). This is all within this one app! Working with Clashot, I opened up to a new style of paper illustrations which was a really interesting direction for me. I’m really grateful for all this and wish the best of luck to the future developments of the Clashot team.“

– Marina Kudriavtseva

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“I am not a professional photographer, but I always had a passion for beautiful and interesting photos. Whether it was laying out stuff for Instagram or picking up interesting details in the world, I always tried to comply with the basic rules of photography, keep an eye on composition and color harmony and story in the shot.

When I learned about Clashot, I thought it can give me an objective view on how my photos could be interesting to people. At the moment, I have a humble portfolio. It is made mainly of photos I’ve shared with friends.

My most popular photograph is a fruit composition. I think it’s success is due to color contrast and how the fruit pieces shaped. Their shine and freshness fit well into timely subject of healthy living and closeness to nature. This picture showed me that a personal Instagram photo can be interesting and relevant. Now, taking a picture, I try to think about what kind of an idea I would like to inform the viewer with and what artistic means such as volume, color, light and shade, texture could help me with this.”

– Olga Polishko

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“If you are new to Calshot I suggest to think about what can be popular on a specific season. Try to avoid overlay filters (extra editing can actually reduce the quality of your photo) and make sure your photo is readable. I also suggest to think what you can do for your photos to stand out, as you may encounter a big amount of photos from the same popular area or the same product.”

– Christina Polevaya

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“I’ve used Clashot since 2014. And I really like this app interface and usability. Everything is simple and understandable, you just need to upload your pictures and then people from whole world can take a look on your photos and then buy whatever they like. Of course it’s a good bonus for photographer to collect money.

For beginners, I can say just practice more and take a lot of pictures focusing on achieving your goals and expanding your skills.”

– Vlad

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“Clashot is a great platform for beginners, not only for professionals. It is really helpful for opening up your talents. Here, you can start with participating in photo-contests and brand-requests. And these activities inspire you so much, that soon you find yourself passionately shooting around to catch every precious moment.

What is the greatest thing about Clashot – is seeing vivid ideas and personal vision of many other photographers around the world here. While being physically in your home place, you can browse around the ideas and see how multi-faceted and rich the life and world around us are.

Surely there is a list of top-topics that will always be requested and high paid, like inspiring healthy life photos, sports, love, happy families or business and money photos. For being a really good selling photographer it’s better also to know season trends, events and holidays around the world.

For me the most important thing in photography is to understand what kind of message you want to convey with your actual shoot.

My favorite topic is people, cities and streets, everyday life photos. We can find hundreds of interesting situations and complete stories just in daily routine of the city.

Here we have old woman looking at pretty young girl crossing the street in bright summer dress. The eyes of dog faithfully waiting for his owner at the supermarket. Homeless dog trying to catch the smell of food from somebody’s bag. A cat lazy hiding from the hot sun under the car…

Photography gives opportunity to catch a unique moment or someone’s sudden but pure emotion, while the rest of the world and life around is hurrying and going in its usual tempo.”

– Lina Lomakina

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A photographer never leaves the house without a camera, be it a DSLR or his mobile phone. Technology has come far enough for us to easily substitute a camera (in some cases) with our phones. Envision for a second that all the great works in your phone are an investment. Every photograph you take can potentially help you start your own business.

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