Christmas ads have become one of the most recognizable holiday season symbols — almost as much as ginger cookies, candy canes, and christmas trees. For many of us, the countdown to Christmas starts with spotting our very first festive ad! At a time like this, we no longer hit the “skip ad” button when heartwarming ads from our favorite brands pop up. Not only are they fun to watch, but they also get us in a festive mood. With that in mind, we selected the best Christmas ads of 2022. Keep on reading to discover what the most notable brands prepared for us this holiday season!

The Beginner by John Lewis

John Lewis released one of the most touching Christmas ads of the 2022 holiday season. It tells a heartfelt story that raises awareness of children in care. We see a middle-aged man trying to learn skateboarding. No, he isn’t having a midlife crisis. He hits the skate to connect with a foster child his family is about to welcome. Skateboarding is something they can talk about and do together, making it easier for the kid to fit into their new home. After a series of painful falls and scratches, the dad becomes quite good at skateboarding — just when a young girl appears at his door, clutching her skateboard.

The ad reveals how determined one can be to make a difference in someone else’s life. Even though small acts of kindness sometimes take effort, the result is worth it. For John Lewis, the ad isn’t just about getting viewers teary-eyed; it demonstrates the brand’s commitment to making a real difference in supporting kids in care.

Christmas Always Finds Its Way by Coca-Cola

Coca-cola didn’t invent the Christmas advert genre, but they certainly have perfected it. At this point, “holidays are coming” is a legendary ad, almost synonymous with the holiday season. This year Coca-cola made everyone wait with anticipation, being the last to release a Christmas advert among other notable brands. Yet, they certainly had a good reason! This year Coca-cola launched an anthology series on their creative platform, “Real Magic Presents.” The anthology is called “Christmas Always Finds Its Way” and features three short films with magical stories from different parts of the world.

Episode 1. Alma

The first episode is set in Mexico, where everyone seems to have lost their festive spirit. Only a special event helps them believe in Christmas magic and exactly what they need.

Episode 2. Christmas Bites

The second episode takes place in the United States, where a vampire meets his girlfriend’s parents. It’s at this moment he also encounters his archenemy — Santa Claus..

Episode 3. Les Petits Mondes De Noël​

The third episode unfolds in Paris, where two estranged lovers struggle to find a connection. Only when they create holiday decorations do they rekindle their feelings for each other.

The List by McDonald’s

This year, McDonald’s released a heartwarming Christmas ad that’s bound to make you shed a few tears. The ad features a little boy called Alfie, who is getting a bit carried away in thinking about his Christmas list. His mom, on the other hand, is getting a bit overwhelmed with all the holiday preparations. When the boy runs out on the street, his list gets blown away in the wind. To console the devastated Alfie, his parents take him to the local McDonald’s. The visit reminds them that Christmas is not about flashy and expensive gifts — what matters the most is spending time together with a loving family.

Gifts That Give by Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer’s Christmas advert for this year centers around the idea of togetherness, packing an emotional punch for everyone watching it. The ad is set to the song “Treat People With Kindness,” performed by Harry Styles. It shows us a series of lovely gifting moments, during which magical events happen. When people open a gift, they find themselves surrounded by a big party, where cheerful singers and different communities celebrate together. But it’s not just empty sentiment; the ad illustrates community groups that Marks & Spencer donates to.

Joy Is Made by Amazon

This year, Amazon’s Christmas advert tells us a story of a small girl’s affection for a Christmas snow globe. Her loving father decides to create a very special experience for his little daughter. With help from the local community and a simple paper shredder delivered from Amazon, he makes a life-size snow globe of her own. Beautifully directed by Taika Waititi, the advert shows how we can create joy by doing special things for the people we love.

Have your Elf a Merry Christmas by Asda

Asda’s holiday advert is guaranteed to put a smile on the “grinchiest” faces. It features the iconic Buddy character from the classic Christmas film “Elf”, played by Will Ferrell. Buddy is cut from scenes from the original movie and put into an Asda store, where he interacts with staff members and samples different foods. After getting lost around the store, Buddy finds himself locked inside overnight. To have some fun, he puts up Christmas decorations for the whole store, which gets him a new job. The Buddy humor and festive spirit are what make this ad a winner!

The Gift by Disney

With The Gift, Disney has produced one of the most heartwarming Christmas ads of the season. The ad is the final part of the festive animated series “From Our Family to Yours,” which started in 2020. It shows us a young family preparing to welcome a new baby. The youngest of three children, Ella, feels disappointed that her pregnant mother can’t spend more time with her due to her forthcoming labor. Yet, when a new sibling arrives, Ella realizes that she still plays an important role in the family.

That Is One Dirty Soda, Santa by Pepsi

In a new Christmas advert, Pepsi promotes an unusual drink, the so-called Pilk or Dirty-soda. It’s a mix of milk and Pepsi that recently went viral thanks to TikTok. In a short ad, Lindsay Lohan enjoys a Dirty-soda that Santa Claus secretly made for her. In the advert, Pepsi refers to the long holiday tradition of leaving a glass of milk and some cookies out for Santa. With Lohan singing the iconic “Jingle Bell Rock” song, the ad made viewers nostalgic for the 2004 film “Mean Girls”. Although the concoction of milk and Pepsi may sound a bit weird to some, it definitely puts a spin on the beloved tradition.

To wrap up

Christmas magic is what the world needs during the holiday season. This festive spirit is exactly what we get from Christmas adverts! For big brands, commercials are a huge part of their seasonal marketing campaigns and a perfect opportunity to connect with customers. Christmas adverts usually don’t sell anything directly, but emphasize the importance of small acts of kindness and little moments shared with the ones you love. Not every company can or should produce a massive Christmas commercial, but everyone can learn a lot from what the most influential brands have to offer!

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