wildlife photography

Up Close and Personal: Interview with Wildlife Photographer Anup Shah

Anup Shah is a wildlife photographer with decades of experience in his field. His recent series are a timeless collection of photograph captured at a reserve in Kenya. We’re used to seeing wildlife photography in color, but Anup brings a new twist to the genre. His black and white photographs capture the spirit of the animals in a new light. His angles are absolutely stunning and the message is loud and clear to those that appreciate the art of black and white photography.

What They Won’t Tell You in Books: Interview With Ondřej Prosický

It’s unlikely that anyone in our library has such a rich, unique and picture perfect collection of wildlife photography as Ondřej Prosický. As one of our top contributors, Ondřej is in the spotlight this week. His adventures have taken him near and far from home but he always comes back with treasures that enrich our library. Many years of practice have resulted in a visually powerful and mesmerising body of work.