10 Reasons Why Your Stock Photography Portfolio Sucks (and How to Fix It)

Photographing for microstocks takes time, effort and persistence. You learn the tricks of the trade as you go along; you perfect your skills, rinse and repeat. How come you’re not getting the returns you expect? To be quite frank with you - your portfolio could use an upgrade. Don’t worry though! We’re here to help you fix these common mistakes photographers make and you can improve your portfolio with a few simple adjustments.

It’s Time to Un-Stock Your Photographs and Improve Your Portfolio

The Internet is becoming increasingly visual. Stock photography comes in handy when clients are looking for images to compliment their content. One of the troubles with stock images is that often times they don’t accurately depict real life situations. If you reflect on this point, think about all the typical hand shaking, smiling and posing images you come across. Although these images may appeal to some, the bottom line is that they are not relatable.

Do you keep up with the latest photography trends? IS_2 does!

IS_2 is an image studio that focuses on the quality of images and their harmony with the latest trends of photography and the requirements of the microstock business. IS_2 is a partner of many famous photo houses that offer the best images in all different styles and genres. Depositphotos is delighted that IS_2 decided to distribute its top selected images via our website. Here you will find family photographs, fashion shoots, food styling, sports and lifestyle images, nature images, wildlife, and architecture masterpieces from all over the world, to list a few.

Family enjoying picnic meal. © Depositphotos | IS_2