Social media is a true embodiment of FOMO, the fear of missing out, for many. To be precise, 70% of people aged 25-40 suffer from it, however, not all of them realize that they have FOMO. Fully grasping this is beneficial to businesses as it gives an opportunity to bring more sales or at least generate leads by grabbing people’s attention with a couple of catchy lines in a campaign or an ad. 

Give people a reason to believe they’re missing out on great experiences (or even products), and you strike a chord with crowds to take action. This approach has been effective for years, alas, it often left an unpleasant aftertaste with the audience. 

In 2020, there’s a better solution. Brands can appeal to people through a new phenomenon on the market – JOMO, the joy of missing out. Although it implies that people would simply enjoy living their actual rather than virtual lives, you can still engage with your audience on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube applying this concept. 

Appeal to people with events and occasions from our social media holiday calendar for 2020 and build a positive image of your brand both with and beyond your audience. 

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Embrace JOMO with Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2020

The odds are that you want to increase engagement on social media and grow your audience with different channels. You would probably like your brand to have a positive image and make your audience spread the good word about it. You can achieve these goals or at least get some indicators to grow by appealing to people with things that make their lives better. Holidays are definitely among them.

There are many ways you can appeal to your target audience with holidays, from simply wishing them Merry Christmas to using events and occasions as a full-fledged part of your marketing campaign. 

In our social media holiday calendar for 2020, we gathered events and occasions that are either important or fun and are relevant irrespectively of your geographical location. Moreover, there are both global and niche and you can definitely find a couple that would complement your ad, campaign, or strategy. 

Perhaps you’re also wondering what are the benefits of keeping a social media holiday calendar at hand and using it when preparing and planning for the next quarter? Here are the key ones:

  1. Grow engagement on social media
  2. Establish positive feelings towards your business
  3. You get one more occasion to feature your product or service
  4. Increase brand awareness with a cause
  5. Ultimately, get more loyal clients

When you have an understanding of how you can use social media holidays for your brand’s benefit, save our calendar on your desktop and whenever you need, take a glimpse of holidays that are coming up. Brainstorm and launch activities (both grand and small) to make the most of all these special days in 2020.

Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2020: Embracing JOMO

We hope that our social media holiday calendar will help you keep track of all the relevant events and occasions this year without having to do intensive research. The calendar surely makes it easier to leverage events and build a positive image for your brand on more than one occasion. 

Also, don’t forget to plan your social media campaigns ahead and turn to our photo collections every time you need convincing and trendy visuals. 

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