To say photography is powerful medium would be an understatement. Photography has the power to make us look twice, ponder on a frozen moment in time, reflect and reconsider our perceptions. A single photograph can speak volumes and evoke emotions from the audience.

It is one of the reasons why photography contests are hosted around the world – there are always topics left to be explored and stories to be told. The New East Photo Prize is one contest that sheds light on the contemporary culture of Eastern Europe.

The New East Photo Prize is a photography contest that focuses on different aspects of Eastern European cultures. Artists present their work in order to give new meanings to the changing social, cultural and physical landscapes of the New East.

The contest is started by the Calvert 22 Foundation with the support of Bird In Flight and The Calvert Journal. At the essence of the project is the objective of broadening our perception of Eastern Europe. It can be said that the way many perceive Eastern Europe is quite outdated which is why the shortlisted artists have received their place in the spotlight; they offer a new perspective and an opinion that better reflects their surroundings.

The New East Photo Prize will feature 18 shortlisted photographers which will be chosen from a pool of over 1000 submissions. 

10 Finalists of the New East Photo Prize

Michał Sierakowski, Poland


Michał Siarek, Poland


Danila Tkachenko, Russia


Katrina Kepule, Latvia


Ziyah Gafic, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Vladimir Vasilev, Bulgaria


Sasha Rudensky, Russia/US


Eugenia Maximova, Austria


Andrey Shapran, Russia


Lana Stojićević, Croatia


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To see all the shortlisted artists of the contest, follow this link.

Competition prizes

Winners of the New East Photo Prize will have the opportunity to publish their works in a photo book that will be published by Calvert 22 Foundation. The special prize for the contests is a £1000 grant for artists to continue their ongoing projects provided by Bird In Flight.

In addition, the shortlisted finalists will have their work exhibited in a gallery. Participating and being shortlisted also means significant international coverage.

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