The last holiday sales season of 2020 is going to be unusual. Major distributors such as Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and others have already announced their extended Black Friday shopping events. Some of them started their sales season back in October, while others announced that their products will be available at a special price within a few weeks from the 27th of November (Black Friday 2020).

In addition, retailers who previously relied on sales in their brick and mortar stores are massively migrating online this year. This has led to the fact that the App Store and Google Play Market are now flooded with shopping apps that help reduce the time shoppers spend in a physical store.

The new retail era requires a new visual language.

In 2020, video is becoming the main tool for improving client experience online. In this collection, Depositphotos content curators gathered ideas for how you can make your Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday campaign more engaging and captivating using videos.

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10 Footage to Integrate into Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ads 

Show diversity across shopping styles

stock video black friday boy

Cyberpunk meets eCommerce

stock video cyberpunk

Neon contrast colors

stock video black friday neon

Glitch loop to capture attention

stock video cyber monday neon

Dynamic poster-style horizontal visuals

stock video black friday frame

Opt for unexpected symbols

stock video cyber monday

Create an atmosphere of pleasant anticipation

stock video delivery box door

Close-ups of black-colored animals

stock video black cat

Turn online shopping into a cyber journey

stock video shopping online cybermonday

Zoom in on your customers

stock video shopping online girl

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This year, Black Friday could bring less revenue for retailers than Cyber ​​Monday.

And among those who sell offline only, you will hardly find a company not trying to take care of their customers by offering to choose a product at home and come to the store for a specific item, or visit a store at a time when there are fewer people there any day during the week after Black Friday. In other words, even Black Friday is becoming a bit cyber.

We urge you to make your client’s online shopping experience closer to offline one. To reach this goal, communicate your messages with videos on your website and social media accounts. And Depositphotos, with its huge collection of stock videos, is always here to help you!


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