Don’t like traditional conferences but would like to attend talks and partake in discussions with the world’s leading design specialists? You can join “Whatabout: Future of Brands”—an event for those who hate conferences on September 11-13, 2020.


What exactly is “Whatabout: Future of Brands”?

“Whatabout: Future of Brands” is the first online conference about design in the context of our digital reality, as well as brand and visual communications. Join to listen and participate in workshops from world-renowned designers, creative directors, marketers, and founders of award-winning studios from all over the world. You will find out about the pros and cons of the latest industry changes and will get unique insights on the future of visual communication.

The main topics of the conference will be brand and visual communication, speculative design, digital modelling, and augmented reality.

Paula Scher and Eike König Are Coming to The Online Conference “Whatabout: Future Of Brands”

Who are the speakers at the conference?

During the two days of the conference, you’ll meet 9 outstanding creatives.

  • Paula Scher, one of the world’s most influential designers and a partner of Pentagram 
  • GMUNK, a multidisciplinary artist, graphic designer, and director
  • Eike König, founder of the design studio Hort
  • Anfi Sa, an art director of a Berlin-based studio Super an der Spree
  • Liu Zhao, a visual communication designer and creative director at Another Lab
  • Yaroslav Serdyuk, strategy director at Banda
  • Cameron-James Wilson, a visual artist and founder of The Diigitals
  • Vova Smirnov & Nastya Zherebetska, co-founders of Spiilka
  • Dines, co-founder and creative director at Studio Blup

Paula Scher and Eike König Are Coming to The Online Conference “Whatabout: Future Of Brands”

Even more reasons to attend the conference

In addition to insightful talks and workshops, you can visit free exhibition in a virtual space, communicate with invited moderators in the discussion rooms, network with other conference participants and speakers, and party during the DJ set at the online bar.

Sounds exciting and feels like the future is near. You can find more information about “Whatabout: Future of Brands” and get tickets for the event on the conference website

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Paula Scher and Eike König Are Coming to The Online Conference “Whatabout: Future Of Brands”

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