Dear all the photographers stuck on quarantine,

Here are 10+ things you can do without leaving your home to boost your photography business, stay productive, remain inspired, and make the most of these tough times.

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The situation of today

One day someone will stumble on this article and be slightly confused. It’s almost April 2020, and many of us are under house arrest. More like on quarantine but most days it may feel like we’re prisoners of our homes.

It’s not easy. It’s not easy for workers, for families, for couples, and anyone that leads an active lifestyle. Our plans have been halted but that does not mean we must despair and push our plans aside for an indefinite amount of time.

As a photographer, there are a million things you can do from the comforts of home. We hear of photographers struggling with their business and growing concerned over the news around the world. Some professionals are still working in the field and documenting how coronavirus is affecting communities.

Here’s a collection our content team has put together that showcases the works of illustrators, designers, and Depositphotos photographers:

Quarantine Collection

A note of thanks to all our contributors that are helping our clients tell their stories, share their concerns, and communicate with their clients about current events.

How to keep yourself busy on quarantine

It’s not easy to be barred from physical interactions with others and not have the freedom to go out there and just shoot.

Mind that there are so many things you likely overlook about your business in the hassle of working with clients, doing your photoshoots, traveling, and updating your portfolio. You know those things you always said you’d do “later, when I have time”? Now is the time. If you couldn’t make time for things before, jump on the opportunity today.

Your photography business exists online, doesn’t it? Why not devote time to boosting it so that you come out of quarantine equipped for a super productive summer? Think about your website, blog, new articles, online courses, sketchbooks, ideas for photoshoots, and so on. What if you were to simply shift your attention to the work that goes on in the background that can help boost your business for the new work season?

We hope you’ll stay with us for the journey. Here are all the things that we think will be helpful to you and your business and hopefully help you stay sane during this period.

project ideas for photographers

10 things that can help boost your photography business

1. Your website

Your website is your CV and your business card. You have to up your digital game if you want to be hired when things restore to normal. If there’s one thing you can do to boost your photography business it’s this – update your website, optimize it for SEO, update the content, or simply create a new photography portfolio website with simple tools and services like Squarespace. Make sure your website reflects your best work and your specialty.

2. Your blog

Traffic. You need more of it. Starting a blog or polishing up your blog is an intricate game that requires a lot of organization.  You need your target keywords that you want to rank for online. You need your pillar articles. You need a constant pool of ideas. And in all this, you have to understand and study SEO for all this activity better than your competitors. Start a blog or polish up your blog – it’s the only way to raise even more awareness about you, your projects, and your services.

3. Your online presence

Hint: social media. When was the last time you updated LinkedIn? How is your Instagram game? The photography Facebook page? Did you get enough client reviews this past season? There are so many things you can do to improve your online presence. Start small, but aim big. Polish up all your social media pages, update your content, info, anything that will help you with your image online. Look into social media advertising as well if you haven’t already.

4. Email marketing

If you have a website, or decide that you’d like one and focus your efforts on this, consider the importance of email marketing. Once you have enough clients and subscribers to your website or blog, you can keep your clients and audience up to date with your personal projects, new blog posts, or availability for photoshoots (depending on where you’d like to take your email marketing game). Learn all the perks of email marketing for photographers and see if it’s something that will work for you and your photography business.

5. Explore the option of video

Many of you guys are strictly photographers, meaning video requests are not valid and you pass that opportunity down. One thing you can do is train yourself to offer this option to your clients, therefore expanding your expertise and making yourself available for new opportunities. The other thing you can do is reach out to videographers to make deals with them in case you have double bookings or clients that want both photography and video at their events or shoots.

6. Accounting, contracts, the paperwork

You know that annoying part of the job very well. The invoices, contracts, emails you need to reply to to tie loose ends. Do it! Clients that perhaps forgot to pay you could get that small reminder, try to take care of contracts that are invalid because of the unfortunate events, accounting details that can be taken care of now – do the boring part before getting to the fun side of things.

7. Client research

There are plenty of ‘target clients’ in your area. Build up a solid list of potential clients and categorize them into brands, agencies, magazines, etc. Build your ultimate contacts list that will eventually boost your business as you reach out for opportunities. It might not be the best time to reach out to people right now, but you’re working towards the opportunities for the start of the new work season. You’ll be all set to go with new opportunities once you have all your contacts in one place.

8. Networking

What are photographers and other creatives in your area up to? Reach out to the local communities or research for any associations that might be your cup of tea. Send some emails to professionals you admire, the models, makeup artists, videographers you wanted to work with. Don’t assume no one will get back to you because everyone is on the lookout for new opportunities now.

9. Personal photography projects

Every photographer has their dream project. Aside from the big aspirations, you’ve likely thought about so many ideas that are now just safely stored at the back of your mind. Get your sketchbook out or simply the good old pen and paper and put those projects down on paper. Solidify your ideas so you’re ready to tackle new projects when life restores. Are there perhaps projects you can even take up at home?

10. Gear maintenance and NEW GEAR

Cleaned the camera a while ago? Get it ready so you’re good to go. But also – dream a little. Dive deep into the research for the gear you’ll need in the new work season. What about your new personal camera for projects? Create a wishlist that will come in handy when all this is over. This may not immediately boost your photography business, but who knows? New gear, new you?

Bonus opportunity for passive income

Many professional photographers integrate photography into their everyday life. They shoot way more than the world sees. All the images that you don’t feel sentimental attachment for can be used to be showcased on stock photography websites. You can make your photography provide another source of income on the side.

With creating a portfolio on Depositphotos, all you have to do is submit some of your images for examination. Once you pass it, you can spend all your time keywording images and uploading new works for your stock photography portfolio. In our blog, you can find all the tips for photographers that want to become Depositphotos contributors.

how to make passive income

Learning opportunities and inspiration

Don’t just stop there. Polish up your business but split your time with these learning opportunities. Learn about marketing, retouching, video, and other new skills you’re keen on taking up.

Many businesses are switching online – museums and art centers around the world are offering new opportunities to virtually explore places. Keep busy and stay inspired.

15 Virtual Museums for Art and Design Inspiration

Your Ultimate List of Free Online Courses and Events While You’re Stuck at Home

If you feel particularly down, keep in mind that we’re all in the same boat and share your frustrations. We’ll try to be helpful in the best way we can. Keep up with our blog for new and interesting stories.

We’d really like to hear from you as well! How have you been coping with quarantine? What is helpful to you during this time?

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