Last week, we looked at 10 TV show shooting locations and what they look like in real life according to our database. With millions of images from around the world, we’re able to find even the most remote locations. Today we’ll be looking at 10 more popular TV shows and their surprising locations around the world.

1. House of Cards – Baltimore and Maryland, United States

tv show filming locations house of cards

A new season of House of Cards was released recently. The intrigue of the show keeps everyone on their seats. Although we’re watching action unfold in the capital of the U.S., most of the scenes are filmed outside of the capital. Most of the show is filmed in the neighboring city of Baltimore and the white house scenes are actually filmed at the Maryland State House in Annapoli.

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2. Better Call Saul – Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

tv show filming locations better call saul

No one saw a prequel to Breaking Bad coming. Better Call Saul is a clever introduction into the character’s early beginnings and the backstory to how he became the Saul Goodman we recognize from Breaking Bad. Not entirely surprising but nevertheless interesting is that the whole show was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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3. Fargo – Calgary, Alberta, United States

tv show filming locations fargo

Fargo is said to be one of the greatest black comedy dramas to date. Every season of Fargo was filmed in Calgary and southern Alberta in Canada. Of course, some of the interiors sets were built from scratch at the Calgary Film Centre.

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4. Legion – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

tv show filming locations legion

Legion is a fresh outlook on how we perceive superheroes. The main character spends most of his life in psychiatric centers until he realizes that his diagnosis might just be something else. The whole show was filmed in Vancouver and British Columbia. The production was also shot in a studio built on 11th Avenue in Burnaby.

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5. Taboo – London, United Kingdom

tv show filming locations taboo

The TV show is set in the 18th century which makes the filming locations quite awe inspiring. Modern day London is turned into 19th century England and the means by which this was achieved is quite interesting from the perspective of set design.

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6. Riverdale – Alouette Lake, Canada and United States

tv show filming locations riverdale

A beautiful town is depicted for the scenery of Riversdale. Everything looks perfect, but is far from what it seems. The show is based on adventures of Archie from the classic comic books. The show was filmed in Vancouver and British Columbia.

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7. The Young Pope – Rome, Venice, Italy

tv show filming locations the young pope

It’s hard to film on location when the Vatican is actually strictly off limits for filming. The production team of The Young Pope had to get a little creative. They had to recreate the Sistine Chapel and other parts of the Vatican at the Rome Cinecitta Studios. The rest of the show was shot on location in Italy, United States and parts in South Africa.

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8. 13 Reasons Why – California, United States

tv show filming locations 13 reasons why

A disturbing but very relevant show, 13 Reasons Why is an adaptation of a novel by Jay Asher. The whole show is based on the story of a girl that committed suicide and her pre recorded reasons for doing so that were sent to those involved. The show was filmed in the North Bay area in Northern California. Many of the filming locations are places you can visit.

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9. Westworld – Utah, Arizona, California, United States

tv show filming locations westworld

The show keeps you at the edge of your seat from episode 1. One of the most memorable features in the show are the shooting locations as well as the great cast. It’s a story of sci-fi mixed in with the western. Most of the show was filmed in Santa Clarita ranch in California. The panoramic shots are filmed in the Fisher Valley and Castle Valley in Utah.

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10. Black Mirror – Toronto, Canada. London, United Kingdom, Los Angeles, United States, Cape Town, South Africa

tv show filming locations black mirror

Black Mirror is another truly captivating TV show about what could be. In a distant (or not so distant) future, our world as reimagined. The state of technology has taken us to new heights and each premise is explored as a given, futuristic world. The TV show was filmed in many countries. Many wondered where the episode San Junipero was filmed and it turns out it was all the way in Cape Town.

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