In the Depositphotos library, among 140 million files you can literally find everything you need. There are images on popular themes like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, as well as their unusual visualizations. You can discover versatile vectors that can be transformed and adjusted to your own needs, not to mention a wide range of stock footage that can be used for ads, marketing purposes or simply inspiration.

In addition to all that diversity, you can also stumble upon gifted artists and their art gems. To showcase some of them, we’ve asked our content curator Nastia Karate to put together the second editor’s choice gallery. This time, the collection features oil paintings that resemble the 19th-century classics and take you on a virtual visit to an art museum.

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bouquet oil painting

oil mainting of female

courtyard oil painting

oil painting of flowers

young woman oil painting

apples and flowers painting

oil painting of people

flowers oil painting

oil painting of house

man oil painting

oil painting of household items

Get inspired by the full collection of the author’s oil painting and explore the first editor’s choice gallery for more non-stocky and bold images.

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