Thank You, Mom: Impactful Mother’s Day Marketing Campaigns

We live in the era when raising social themes is not shameful but, in contrast, meaningful and important. Pink shades, smiling women and well-retouched images are still touching, but not so impactful. In recent years, to celebrate Mother’s Day, the world’s famous brands have created a variety of unusual marketing campaigns. Strong Moms, cheerful Moms and loving Moms are featured in these campaigns in the most truthful way.

Carhartt: #AllHailMom

The commercial is a tribute to Rosie the Riveter. In the video, a child compares her mother with America’s hardworking woman, as she believes that her Mom can do anything: repair, build, cook, drive and horse ride. Thus, Carhartt celebrates mothers and outfits them in durable work clothes.

Babyshop: #TheGiftOfMom

For Mother’s Day, Babyshop raises an important topic: breast cancer. As 1 of 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Detected in the early stages, it helps 90% of women to survive. The key message of the campaign is “There’s no Mother’s Day, without a mother”. So, celebrate the day by doing a screening.

KFC: Tender Wings of Desire

KFC’s commercial is a great example of how to create witty and viral content. On the video, a man is reading the book, which the company has published to celebrate Mother’s Day. Written by Colonel Sanders, ‘Tender Wings of Desire’ — advertised in the video and sold on Amazon — claims to be a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

These three campaigns are not only sentimental, soulful and extremely important but also illustrative of how to create a Mother’s Day campaign that makes a difference. More impactful Mother’s Day marketing campaigns you can find at Crello:

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