The world is undeniably changing. Stuck at home, people are re-evaluating their priorities and life philosophy. They bid farewell to the hustle-culture and opt for slow living instead. Businesses are also changing their strategies as many come to the realization that online is the only way forward. Everyone faces ups and downs today and struggles to adjust to the new challenge the world has prepared for us all. 

As so many things are changing at the same time, the world seems to be extremely chaotic right now. However, if you narrow down things you can find order in anything. And we did. Having analyzed images in demand, we’ve put together seven photo collections that describe our chaotic world in the best way and will help you communicate your ideas and stances in light of current events. Here they are. 


1. Photo collection: work-from-home routine

The routine of many people around the globe looks very similar at the moment. Everyone is staying at home and adapting to the freelance life. As most of us, people probably choose to work in the kitchen instead of any other rooms. But you’ve probably explored every corner of your apartment to see where you’re most productive.

For marketers, the fact that a lot of people have a similar routine now is an opportunity to appeal to wider audiences with concepts that perfectly relate to them. Explore the photo collection below to find visuals that illustrate the current work-from-home routine of each and every one of us, regardless of profession and location.

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Photo of asian woman reading book


2.  Free coronavirus photo collection

Practice shows that in a crisis, people tend to unite. The Depositphotos team is no exception. We’d like to help you tell stories, as well as bring news and awareness to your audiences. Here’s a collection of hundreds of visuals you can download for free on the topic of coronavirus. Also, you shouldn’t worry about copyright issues as all images in our library are royalty-free and can be used many times and for many purposes such as social media posts, email marketing, and media and blog publications. 

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photo of running female doctor


3. The complete COVID-19 photo collection

The images we shared with you in the previous collection are far not everything we have to offer on the topic. The Depositphotos library has over 140 million photos, vectors, and videos. What this means is that you’ll definitely find what you need. 

However, time is everything in this chaotic world. You need to make decisions and react to events quickly. We’d like to save your time and share a large collection of carefully curated COVID-19 visuals. There are over 10 pages of files that you can keep at hand and use every time you need to reach out to your audience with news or stories. 

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Doctors holding samples and talking in hospital, coronavirus concept.


4. Slow living photo collection

In addition to routine, people are literally urged to review their outlook on lives. Keeping up the fast pace of life we’re all used to is impossible nowadays. We need to stop, take our time, and adjust to our homes being cafes, bars, offices, and cinemas for a while. 

All these drastic changes happening at the same time make us appreciate what we’ve always taken for granted. We are also to find joy in small things such as beautiful sunrises and sunsets, daily cups of delicious coffee, the opportunity to finally do morning exercises and have family dinners regularly. 

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stock photo of family


5. Empty streets photo collection 

A couple of months ago, who would have thought that the streets of ever-bustling cities like New York will be empty and silent? However, this is the new reality which to some extent resembles the dystopian stories we’ve all been reading and watching just for fun.    

Whether you work in marketing, design or any other field in the creative industry, you’ll definitely need these kinds of images for your projects. We’ve put together a thematic collection of photos that showcase how lonely and empty the cities around the world look like right now. 

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image of louvre museum in paris


6. COVID-19 vector illustrations

While marketing managers will be busy building new strategies, designers and copywriters are the people who can help your business stand out on the market. They can invest their time in finding creative solutions to illustrate relevant topics in light of COVID-19. 

One of the ways to show your audience that you can be creative but on-point is to use vector illustrations for your projects. As they are available in different formats both JPG and EPS, you can use ready-made vectors to save time or customize templates to fit your brand’s identity or message. 

In short, try to be creative even in tough times. Your audience will appreciate your effort and you’ll get more brand advocates as a reward. 

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Stay Home Covid-19 stock vector illustration


7. Emotional rollercoaster photo collection

For many, the recent weeks have been a real emotional rollercoaster. The abundance of information distributed from different channels makes people pass through ups and downs a couple of times in a day. They are worried about their families, jobs, and environment but at the same time, they are happy to be healthy, spend more time with families, and find time for everything they postponed for years. 

All these things should definitely be taken into consideration by brands. You should appeal to your audiences with pertinent concepts and show that you are on the same page with your clients. To help out with that, we’re introducing a collection of images that illustrate the entire spectrum of emotions that could illustrate a state of mind on lockdowns. Choose some of the images from this collection to better appeal to different audiences and their emotional state.

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Man stressed while working on laptop


Although it may seem like we’re living in a world of chaos, there’s a range of things that worry people the most. These are mental and physical health issues, jobs and routine, as well as other external factors like COVID-19 that influences lives in various ways. Take this into consideration when planning your future projects and use images from our photo collections to appeal to people with concepts that matter to them the most right now. 

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