Universally praised as one of the best growth hacks for businesses large and small, outsourcing doesn’t deliver the same amazing benefits in all scenarios. For those who are looking to move forward in a bigger, more profitable way, however, the practice of contracting out may just be the smartest move.

And, when it comes to graphic design, outsourcing almost always makes perfect sense.

These are the top 5 reasons your small company should invest in a freelance professional.

1. Outsourcing Is Way Cheaper Than Hiring

Graphic design is all about making a great first impression and delivering an enjoyable experience at each touchpoint with your brand. Ask a professional, and they’ll tell you that this should be your main concern too. But, impactful design always asks for significant investments in money, time, and effort.

If your small business is still operating on a tight budget, the money-saving benefits of outsourcing alone will be enough to convince you to reach out to a freelance professional. Since graphic design is almost always a one-off project, investing in an on-need basis will help you save a lot of money.

2. Contracting Out Frees Your Busy Schedule

If running a large corporation is a 24/7 job, growing a small business is somehow even more time-consuming. Even if you don’t brainstorm and strategize every single moment of your day, your mind still has to remain focused on burning matters that allow you to scale. Design isn’t really among them.

An eye-catching logo, effective website design, and appealing marketing material are still of the utmost importance, but a professional designer would need much less time to create them. There’s really no need for you to squeeze these tasks into your already busy schedule – they’ll only distract you more.

3. The Vast Talent Pool Allows You to Choose Only the Best

Since hiring an in-house graphic design professional doesn’t really make sense, your alternatives are either outsourcing or doing it on your own. In case you choose to opt for the second option, we must warn you – graphic design is nowhere near easy, and you’ll have hard time delivering stellar results.

Professionals who offer their services on a per-project basis are not amateurs. The talent pool is pretty large, which means that you’ll be able to choose the best, most experiences, and delightfully unique artists. Given that graphic design defines you as a brand, expertise in this field cannot be overstressed.

4. Only Professionals Understand the Real Significance of Consistency

Sure, you’ve read a lot about brand consistency, but do you really understand everything it entails? Logo, website, and marketing material are three crucial aspects of graphic design in business, but they are certainly not the only ones. “Details” like promo products and business cards have to fit in as well.

Now, brand consistency requirements defy our definition of graphic design as a series of on-off projects, but professionals know exactly how to overcome this challenge. By making sure that all aspects of design are mutually coherent, freelance experts make you brand unique and recognizable.

5. Outsourcing Can Build Long-Lasting and Creative Relationships

Here’s how outsourcing graphic design really works – you spend some time browsing the talent pool, pick the artist behind the portfolio you like the most, and contract out the first project. If the results are satisfying, you then start building a creative relationship that might last throughout your journey.

The benefits are then truly amazing; your involvement in the creative processes is minimal, which means that you can focus solely on growth. The professional knows your business, customers, and agendas well, and works for you whenever needed, without ever being put on your company’s payroll. Besides, a seasoned graphic designer who isn’t a part of your core team can help you see your business path from a whole different perspective.

If your budget is limited, there are also free online editors such as Crello that can help you achieve a visually stunning design for social media, blog or emails. Whether you choose outsourcing, or take matters into your own hands and try designing yourself, your graphic design projects won’t only be less expensive, less time-consuming, and more consistent, but also authentic, bracing, and engaging.

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