Every holiday is a busy time for marketers since it requires additional promotional activity to get noticed. But with Independence day, things get really difficult. It is hard to stand out from the crowd when all you have at your disposal are three colors and a BBQ party theme.

However, an eye-catching and original visual can make all the difference.


Here are five quick ideas for Independence day images that brands can use for social media.

1. Multipurpose social media design

Don’t stick to red, white and blue – other colors may work just as well.


2. Festive Facebook post

Notice nice and clean text elements on the left:


3. Vivid card with a quote

A thoughtful quote and colors are just enough to translate the message.



4. Minimalistic banner

Clean image and minimum text will create a pleasant visual that will stand out among noisy images.

crello_independence_day_design_graphic5. Emotional Facebook ad graphic

Nothing catches attention better than authentic emotions.


How I made these social media graphics:

In order to save time and money, I used the online graphic editor Crello and chose a “Social Media” dimension.

Crello - templates_graphic_free_design

I chose ready-to-use free template with a nice text element:

Crello design_free_graphic

Added a free photo of fireworks and customized the text:


Got an eye-catching multi-purpose image that could be used across all social media platforms and customized accordingly.

Need more ideas? Check out Crello’s free templates and our special Independence Day image collection. If you’re already thinking about later campaigs, see our tips on successful christmas campaigns

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