Spring of 2021 turned out to be special for Depositphotos. Our library reached 200 million files!

This figure is an important milestone for the company, and a great reason to be proud of our team and creative community. In just 24 months, the Depositphotos library grew twice its size. We also worked closely to expand our website with new file types, such as illustrations and music.

Our journey to 200 million files was amazing, and we’re inviting you to celebrate this occasion together! We’d like to say thank you by introducing a special project. It features key numbers and unique business insights from the Depositphotos team. Ready to explore?

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Join The Celebration! Explore Our Special Project Devoted To The 200 Million Files Milestone

About the 200 million files project

With this project, we’d like to highlight our community of over 95,000 talented contributors and their input into the Depositphotos library. We’d also like to showcase our appreciation to over 24 million clients around the world by sharing some unique insights from our team.

What are these insights about? They take a closer look into the stock photography business, as well as cover effective tools and proven methods that you can use for your own projects.

We also reached out to the Depositphotos contributors that work in different genres (photography, illustration, and design) to explore their artistic perspective on popular themes today. Their vision of trending topics in stock photography will help you choose the right visuals and stand out with your projects.


Teams and creatives that contributed to this special project

To put this project together, we ran dozens of interviews with different teams and industry professionals.

For the insights section, we spoke to the Depositphotos content, development, product, customer relations, and marketing teams. These talks helped us single out five unique insights that will help businesses set up better workflows, retain customers, and grow continuously.

To get a closer look at topics in demand among stock photography clients, we interviewed some exceptional Depositphotos contributors:

Dina Belenko – a fine art and still life photographer whose works look magical

Nadia Snopek – a microstock and freelance illustrator who focuses on representing diversity and modern lifestyles in her work

Fernando Privitera – a travel photographer who takes mesmerizing drone images and captures volcanic eruptions

Zamurovic brothers – a well-known duo of photographers working within the fine art genre

Simona Pilolla – a stock photographer who captures the happiest moments in life

Jeremy Francis – an experienced photographer who shoots nature, adventures, and more

Natalia Lisovskayaa food photographer with a mouthwatering portfolio [be careful!]

Tithi Luadthong – a digital artist who created his own dystopian universe on stocks

All the professionals that contributed to the 200 million files project made this experience that much more interesting and insightful! To back up their insights, we pulled out some of our own data. These numbers and other statistics will give you a better understanding on how to make the most out of your collaboration with Depositphotos in 2021.


Find out more about the project in our thematic infographic

Join The Celebration! Explore Our Special Project Devoted To The 200 Million Files Milestone

To sum it all up

Whether you’re a contributor to stock photography platforms or a client working on their own project or business, you’re bound to find helpful insights in our special project. They’ll give you a helicopter view on various business processes, and help you avoid mistakes that might slow down growth.

Set some time aside to explore the numbers and insights we’re sharing with our 200 million files project. Let us know what you think!

Explore special project

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