One thing that is true for all photographers, is that you never have to wreck your brain to come up with great gift ideas. Photographers will find a use for anything, especially if it’s photography related.

The holidays are coming up, and here’s a list of witty, thoughtful and fun gifts for photographers.

For those with a little sense of humor:

Life supply of camomile tea

You know, to calm the nerves.

funny gifts for photographers

A paper watch

Because deadlines are tight but they’ll get to make the most of it.

fun gifts for photographers

Dictionary of sarcasm

To help enrich their communication skills with clients.

christmas gift ideas dictionary of sarcasm

‘I shoot people’ mug with a twist

Photographers will always appreciate jokes.

i shoot people mug gifts for photographers

Vintage Camera Tin Filled With English Fudge

For those with a sweet tooth and appreciation of little things in life.

fun gifts for photographers christmas

Serious gifts photographers will love:

Books on photography

Remember, you can never go wrong with books. Some great classics will do the trick.

books for photographers 100 photographs that changed the world

Ideas notebook

As with many artists, we all need to keep our thoughts in order. You can be sure that a simple Moleskine, Leuchtturm or the like will be put to good use.

moleskine gifts for photographers

Lomo Instant camera

A throwback gift that they’ll get excited about.

lomo-instant-camera- gifts for photographers

Polaroid mobile printer

Convenient, tiny and portable.

gifts for photographers mobile printer

Portable lightbox studio

Some items can just make their lives more convenient. Like a personal portable lightbox studio.

interesting gifts for photographers

Iphone telephoto lens

Iphoneography is an art, after all. Lets help out with some serious equipment.

iphone-telephoto-lens- gifts for christmas

Solar window charger

Eco friendly gifts are extra exciting and useful (except maybe winters).

solar phone charger gifts for photographers

If you have a bigger budget:

Hard Drive

There is never enough space.


Camera travel bag

Just as there’s never enough space, there’s always room for more bags.

gifts for photographers camera travel bag

A drone

If you’d really like to surprise someone…

gifts for photographers drone

Around this time of the year, you can be sure that everyone’s out scouting for the perfect gift for you. Why not send them a little hint? Share this article for a subtle (or not so subtle) message to your friends and family.

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