what you shouldn't say to a photographer what photographers hate hearing

People will tell you your job is easy. Little do outsiders know about the work you put in to deliver what they call ‘amazing pictures’. An image is more than just amazing.

Give a camera to a non photographer and he will come back with something like this:


Now, when you hold the camera, you can proudly present this instead:


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Truth be told, not everyone is considerate of the work and effort photographers have to put into their creations. If you’ve worked in the field for some time, you’re probably familiar with the dreadful things clients (and sometimes your friends) will casually tell you.

A short story of a photographer’s worst nightmare

You’re enjoying your day away from work when one of your friends says:


So you’re left with no choice but to bring it along. Looks like another free photoshoot. So you’re warming up to the idea of a relaxing day and your friend turns around and says:


You take your first shot and everyone rushes to you, admiring your work:


Thanks guys, that’s where the talent is. Inside the camera. You play along and tell them that the camera is great and someone throws in:


To hide your frustration, you go back to taking pictures when you suddenly hear:


Just keep calm, you tell yourself. Another shot and again everyone huddles around you:


So you take another one only to hear:


Your insides are starting to boil as you skim through the pictures and hear the dreadful phrase:


You call it a day and just when you think it’s all over someone adds to your misery:


Yes, in fact you do! Why are you asking…


You’ve had it at this point and you lash out at them. Everyone looks at you strangely and that one friend carefully says:


And you know that that’s your cue to leave. Your work here is done.


Photo by Martin Gommel

To make you feel  better during this stressful time, check out a useful cover on how to develop your personal photography style while ignoring people that tell you how to do your job, or see our cover on some of the things they probably  didn’t tell you about becoming a photographer. What are some other annoying things photographers hate hearing? Leave your stories in the comments section below!

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