You might be a beginner photographer, or a professional that might brush this article off. Before you jump to conclusions, consider how valuable new found knowledge is. Inspiration is all around you, you just have to learn to look. Sometimes an idea can spark a new project, encourage you to experiment or open up your eyes to new possibilities.

Doesn’t matter how much you know about photography, it’s always good to polish up on knowledge. Here are 10 places offering valuable knowledge on photography so that you can dive in and learn some new tricks (or remind yourself how much you know about photography).

1. Kasia Zmokla’s course on mastering photographic exposure


You might remember Kasia and her insightful guest post for our blog. If you’ve ever looked at the exposure triangle and felt a little puzzle, this course will make the concept crystal clear for you.

You will learn to use the manual settings of your camera to set the right exposure, learn how to use the histogram tool, dive into ISO, shutter speed and aperture to help improve your photography.

You can get this course with a special discount from Kasia by following this link or using the coupon code DEPOSITPHOTOS on the website.

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2. Harvard’s free 12 module course on photography


You don’t even have to be a student at Harvard to take this course. It is part of the Open Learning Initiative and is available on a different site now. Although photography is constantly in the process of changing, the principles stay the same. This free course gives you whole rounded understanding of digital photography and some of the important topics every photographer must know.

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3. Marc Levoy lectures on digital photography


This photography course consists of lectures on the scientific, artistic and computational aspect of digital photography. Marc Levoy is a Stanford professor and a computational photography engineer at Google. This 18-part course covers fundamental knowledge in photography with a mathematical spin (which hopefully doesn’t scare you away).

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4.  Free tutorials from PHLEARN


PHLEARN is a great platform if you need some help with Photoshop. Simple and more complex retouching is explained very eloquently so that you can work along with the tutorials. These tutorials, when paired together are just like taking courses. The website also includes paid tutorials for professionals.

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5. Udemy’s courses on photography


If you have a limited budget but an innate thirst for knowledge, Udemy is a great platform to polish up on your skills and learn some new tricks. You can find courses on virtually any topic from DSLR basics to more advanced retouching.

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6. New York Institute of Photography host a professional photography course


Some of you may be determined and want a course that is more advanced. NYIP has a very detailed course that stretches out for 18 months. At the end of the course, you will have a certificate in professional photography. You will start with some basics, learning how to see, exposure, lighting and lenses are also explained. You’ll dive into the different genres and learn to shoot in manual mode.

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7. Range of courses from Creative Live


Courses from Creative Live cover fundamentals, Photoshop and Lightroom basics, lighting, film, video and all the different genres of photography. Additional courses include business and marketing as well as mobile photography and photojournalism.

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8. Lynda’s photography tutorials


Lynda is a wonderful platform for beginners and professionals. On top of having all the topics you can think of, the website has courses and tutorials on photography. Learn some of the best tips, tricks and techniques from industry professionals.

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9. FutureLearn’s course on commercial photography


This free course is designed in a way that might be of particular interest to stock photographers. It covers new media and moving image, to ultimately help understand where success lies in commercial photography.

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10. Find photography courses from the top providers on Classpert

Find photography courses from the top providers on Classpert

Classpert is an online course search engine that allows users to find the ideal online course. Find more than 1,700 photography courses from the world’s best providers, including free options. Use Classpert’s filters to refine your search and watch video previews to choose the course that best suits your needs.

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If you’re always up for learning new tips and tricks, keep up with the tutorials section of our blog. You might also like our quick tutorial on how to save an average photograph with VSCO

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